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Appropriations Process Chart outlines the process from submitted budget requests to passage (from October 1-July 1).
Budget Process in Iowa Provides an in-depth look at the budget process in Iowa.
How a Bill Becomes a Law Explains the process a bill goes through from introduction to enactment.
How an Idea Becomes a Law Details the process from an idea into law, represented in flow chart form.
Iowa Legislature and U.S. Congress Outlines the differences between the Iowa Legislature and the U.S. Congress.
Legislative Information Includes information on LSA, LIO, Capitol Tours, the legislative website, contacting legislators, and the Law Library.
Legislative Terminology Defines terms and words commonly used by the Iowa General Assembly and legislative staff.
Participation and Organization in Making Iowa Laws Details how citizens can influence lawmaking by contacting their elected officials.
The Three Branches of Government Details the three branches of government in Iowa: legislative, executive, and judicial.
What Are Legislators? Discusses the definition and duties of legislators.
Iowa General Assembly Serves as a guide to the Iowa State Legislature, describes legislative process and services provided to legislators, and answers legislative questions most frequently asked by legislators and others.
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Facts on Iowa This link connects to information areas such as statistics on Iowa's government, economy, and population. Furthermore, the link connects to fiscal statistics for the State of Iowa, including revenues and expenditures from the General Assembly's most recent session.
State Symbols Details about the Great Seal of Iowa, state banner, wild rose, Eastern goldfinch, oak tree, and the geode.
The Three Branches of Government Detailing the relationship between and duties of the three branches of government.
Iowa Official Register The Redbook, as it is commonly known, is published biennially and contains historical and current biographical information about Iowa's governmental institutions and leaders, as well as other information and statistics of general value but not of a partisan nature. See Archived Iowa Official Register - 1886 to present
Roster of State Officials The State Roster, as it is commonly known, is published annually and contains the names and offices of the statewide elected officials, members of the General Assembly, justices, judges, and magistrates of the judicial branch, state officers and deputies in all three branches, and members of active boards and commissions and some advisory councils.
Pieces of Iowa's Past Published by the Iowa State Capitol Tour Guides weekly during the legislative session. The publication features historical facts about Iowa, the Capitol, and the early workings of state government.
Iowa State Capitol Visitor Guide This book is intended to serve as a guided tour of the Capitol building and the surrounding grounds and monuments, as a reference guide, and as a lasting keepsake of a memorable visit to the Iowa State Capitol. This booklet is available for purchase in the Capitol Gift Shop.
Looking back: Historical Hall, 1899-1904; State Historical, Memorial, and Art Building, 1905-1999; Ola Babcock Miller Building, 1999-Present From the original land purchase to the present building, this booklet highlights the entire history of one of the most beautiful and fascinating buildings in the Capitol Complex. The booklet features legal reports, pictures, writings, and newspaper articles spanning decades. This booklet is available for purchase in the Capitol Gift Shop.
The Capitol Fire: 1904 The Capitol caught fire in January 1904 during the electrification of the building. This booklet features pictures of the fire and details the destruction left behind. Reproduced newspaper articles of the period recount the events of the fire and its aftermath. Reports by the Executive Council, Senate and House journals, and the Capitol Commission report are included. This booklet is available for purchase in the Capitol Gift Shop.
The Iowa Capitol Grounds: 1913 Extension and Reconstruction Project Iowa lawmakers began an extension and improvement project on the Capitol Grounds in 1913. This booklet contains the proposed improvements, pictures, and newspaper articles of the period. This booklet is available for purchase in the Capitol Gift Shop.
Iowa Legislature Screensaver Collection of photos of the Capitol and grounds. Please note this screensaver opens as an executable.
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