Iowa Administrative Code - 08/25/2021

Law Enforcement Academy [501] | Agency Listing
Chapter 3 CERTIFICATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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501.3.1 Certification through training required for all law enforcement officers.
501.3.2 Law enforcement status forms furnished to academy.
501.3.3 Standard certifying courses for approved law enforcement facilities.
501.3.4 Qualifications for attendance at short course.
501.3.5 Curriculum for long course.
501.3.6 Curriculum for short course.
501.3.7 Special certification.
501.3.8 Certification through examination.
501.3.9 Special certification through examination.
501.3.10 More extensive certifying course curricula not prohibited.
501.3.11 Time frame—tolled.
501.3.12 Training of an individual who intends to become certified as a law enforcement officer.