Iowa Administrative Code - 08/10/2022

Insurance Division [191] | Agency Listing
Chapter 71 SMALL GROUP HEALTH BENEFIT PLANS**Note: In some instances, the numbering of this chapter does not adhere to the scheme developed for the Iowa Administrative Code. | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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191.71.1 Purpose.
191.71.2 Definitions.
191.71.3 Applicability and scope.
191.71.4 Establishment of classes of business.
191.71.5 Transition for assumptions of business from another carrier.
191.71.6 Restrictions relating to premium rates.
191.71.7 Requirement to insure entire groups.
191.71.8 Case characteristics.
191.71.9 Application to reenter state.
191.71.10 Creditable coverage.
191.71.11 Rules related to fair marketing.
191.71.12 Status of carriers as small employer carriers.
191.71.13 Restoration of coverage.
191.71.14 Basic health benefit plan and standard health plan policy forms.
191.71.15 Methods of counting creditable coverage.
191.71.16 Certificates of creditable coverage.
191.71.17 Notification requirements.
191.71.18 Special enrollments.
191.71.19 Disclosure requirements.
191.71.20 Treatment options.
191.71.21 Emergency services.
191.71.22 Provider access.
191.71.23 Reconstructive surgery.
191.71.24 Contraceptive coverage.
191.71.25 Suspension of the small employer health reinsurance program.
191.71.26 Uniform health insurance application form.