Iowa Code - 2022

Chapter 9B - NOTARIAL ACTS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
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§9B.1 - Short title. PDF RTF
§9B.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§9B.4 - Authority to perform notarial act. PDF RTF
§9B.5 - Requirements for certain notarial acts. PDF RTF
§9B.6 - Personal appearance required. PDF RTF
§9B.7 - Identification of individual. PDF RTF
§9B.8 - Authority to refuse to perform notarial act. PDF RTF
§9B.9 - Signature if individual unable to sign. PDF RTF
§9B.10 - Notarial act in this state. PDF RTF
§9B.11 - Notarial act in another state. PDF RTF
§9B.12 - Notarial act under authority of federally recognized Indian tribe. PDF RTF
§9B.13 - Notarial act under federal authority. PDF RTF
§9B.14 - Foreign notarial act. PDF RTF
§9B.14A - Notarial act performed for remotely located individual. PDF RTF
§9B.14B - Remote facilitator. PDF RTF
§9B.14C - Use of information. PDF RTF
§9B.15 - Certificate of notarial act. PDF RTF
§9B.16 - Short form certificates. PDF RTF
§9B.17 - Official stamp. PDF RTF
§9B.18 - Stamping device. PDF RTF
§9B.19 PDF RTF
§9B.20 - Notification regarding performance of notarial act on electronic record — selection of technology. PDF RTF
§9B.21 - Commission as notary public — qualifications — no immunity or benefit. PDF RTF
§9B.21A - Notice of expiration of term. PDF RTF
§9B.21B - Fees — certification. PDF RTF
§9B.22 PDF RTF
§9B.23 - Grounds to deny, refuse to renew, revoke, suspend, or condition commission of notary public. PDF RTF
§9B.24 - Database of notaries public. PDF RTF
§9B.25 - Prohibited acts. PDF RTF
§9B.26 - Validity of notarial acts. PDF RTF
§9B.27 - Rules. PDF RTF
§9B.28 - Notary public commission in effect. PDF RTF
§9B.29 PDF RTF
§9B.30 - Uniformity of application and construction. PDF RTF
§9B.31 - Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. PDF RTF