Iowa Code - 2014

Chapter 99G - IOWA LOTTERY AUTHORITY PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§99G.1 - Title. PDF RTF
§99G.2 - Statement of purpose and intent. PDF RTF
§99G.3 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§99G.4 - Iowa lottery authority created. PDF RTF
§99G.5 - Chief executive officer. PDF RTF
§99G.6 - Power to administer oaths and take testimony — subpoena. PDF RTF
§99G.7 - Duties of the chief executive officer. PDF RTF
§99G.8 - Board of directors. PDF RTF
§99G.9 - Board duties. PDF RTF
§99G.9A - Limited series of lottery games providing aid for veterans. PDF RTF
§99G.10 - Authority personnel. PDF RTF
§99G.11 - Conflicts of interest. PDF RTF
§99G.12 PDF RTF
§99G.13 PDF RTF
§99G.14 PDF RTF
§99G.15 PDF RTF
§99G.16 PDF RTF
§99G.17 PDF RTF
§99G.18 PDF RTF
§99G.19 PDF RTF
§99G.20 PDF RTF
§99G.21 - Authority powers, transfer of assets, liabilities, and obligations. PDF RTF
§99G.22 - Vendor background review. PDF RTF
§99G.23 - Vendor bonding, tax filing, and competitive bidding. PDF RTF
§99G.24 - Retailer compensation — licensing. PDF RTF
§99G.25 - License not assignable. PDF RTF
§99G.26 - Retailer bonding. PDF RTF
§99G.27 - Lottery retail licenses — cancellation, suspension, revocation, or termination. PDF RTF
§99G.28 - Proceeds held in trust. PDF RTF
§99G.29 - Retailer rental calculations — lottery ticket sales treatment. PDF RTF
§99G.30 - Ticket sales requirements — penalties. PDF RTF
§99G.30A - Monitor vending machine — tax imposed. PDF RTF
§99G.31 - Prizes. PDF RTF
§99G.32 - Authority legal representation. PDF RTF
§99G.33 - Law enforcement investigations. PDF RTF
§99G.34 - Open records — exceptions. PDF RTF
§99G.35 - Security. PDF RTF
§99G.36 - Forgery — fraud — penalties. PDF RTF
§99G.37 - Competitive bidding. PDF RTF
§99G.38 - Authority finance — self-sustaining. PDF RTF
§99G.39 - Allocation, appropriation, transfer, and reporting of funds. PDF RTF
§99G.40 - Audits and reports — lottery fund. PDF RTF
§99G.41 - Prize offsets — garnishments. PDF RTF
§99G.42 - Compulsive gamblers — treatment program information. PDF RTF