Iowa Code - 2020

Chapter 99D - PARI-MUTUEL WAGERING PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§99D.1 - Short title. PDF RTF
§99D.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§99D.3 - Scope of provisions. PDF RTF
§99D.4 - Pari-mutuel wagering legalized. PDF RTF
§99D.5 - Creation of state racing and gaming commission. PDF RTF
§99D.6 - Headquarters, meetings, and election of chairperson — administrator — employees. PDF RTF
§99D.7 - Powers. PDF RTF
§99D.8 - Horse or dog racing licenses — applications. PDF RTF
§99D.8A - Requirements of applicant — penalty — consent to search. PDF RTF
§99D.9 - Licenses — terms and conditions — revocation. PDF RTF
§99D.9A - Dog racetrack licensure — discontinuance of live racing requirement — fees. PDF RTF
§99D.9B - Iowa greyhound pari-mutuel racing fund. PDF RTF
§99D.9C - Alternative dog racetrack and simulcasting licensure — live racing — lease agreement with gambling games licensee. PDF RTF
§99D.10 - Bond of licensee. PDF RTF
§99D.11 - Pari-mutuel wagering — advance deposit wagering — televising races — age restrictions. PDF RTF
§99D.12 - Breakage. PDF RTF
§99D.13 - Unclaimed winnings — appropriation. PDF RTF
§99D.14 - Race meetings — tax — fees — tax exemption. PDF RTF
§99D.15 - Pari-mutuel wagering taxes — rate — credit. PDF RTF
§99D.16 - Withholding tax on winnings. PDF RTF
§99D.17 - Use of funds. PDF RTF
§99D.18 - Surplus funds — how used. PDF RTF
§99D.19 - Licensees — records, reports, supervision — confidentiality. PDF RTF
§99D.20 - Audit of licensee operations. PDF RTF
§99D.21 - Annual report of commission. PDF RTF
§99D.22 - Native horses or dogs. PDF RTF
§99D.23 - Commission veterinarian and chemist. PDF RTF
§99D.24 - Prohibited activities — penalty. PDF RTF
§99D.25 - Drugging or numbing — exception — tests — reports — penalties. PDF RTF
§99D.25A - Administration of furosemide or phenylbutazone. PDF RTF
§99D.26 - Forfeiture of property. PDF RTF
§99D.27 - Racing dog adoption program. PDF RTF
§99D.28 - Setoff. PDF RTF