Iowa Code - 2022

Title XVI - CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 809A - FORFEITURE REFORM ACT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§809A.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§809A.2 - Jurisdiction and venue. PDF RTF
§809A.3 - Conduct giving rise to forfeiture. PDF RTF
§809A.4 - Property subject to forfeiture. PDF RTF
§809A.5 - Exemptions. PDF RTF
§809A.6 - Seizure of property for forfeiture. PDF RTF
§809A.7 - Property management and preservation. PDF RTF
§809A.8 - Commencement of forfeiture proceedings — property release requirements. PDF RTF
§809A.9 - Liens. PDF RTF
§809A.10 - Trustees — penalties. PDF RTF
§809A.11 - Claims — petitions for recognition of exemption. PDF RTF
§809A.12 - Judicial proceedings generally. PDF RTF
§809A.12A - Limitations on civil forfeiture. PDF RTF
§809A.12B - Proportionality review. PDF RTF
§809A.13 - In rem proceedings. PDF RTF
§809A.14 - In personam proceedings. PDF RTF
§809A.15 - Substituted assets — supplemental remedies. PDF RTF
§809A.16 - Disposition of property. PDF RTF
§809A.17 - Allocation of forfeited property. PDF RTF
§809A.18 - Powers of enforcement personnel. PDF RTF
§809A.18A - Recordkeeping. PDF RTF
§809A.19 - Immunity orders. PDF RTF
§809A.20 - Statute of limitations. PDF RTF
§809A.21 - Summary forfeiture of controlled substances. PDF RTF
§809A.22 - Bar to collateral action. PDF RTF
§809A.23 - Statutory construction. PDF RTF
§809A.24 - Uniformity of application. PDF RTF
§809A.25 - Rulemaking. PDF RTF