Iowa Code - 2022

Title XVI - CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 724 - WEAPONS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§724.1 - Offensive weapons. PDF RTF
§724.1A - Firearm suppressors — certification. PDF RTF
§724.1B - Firearm suppressors — penalty. PDF RTF
§724.1C - Short-barreled rifle or short-barreled shotgun — penalty. PDF RTF
§724.2 - Authority to possess offensive weapons. PDF RTF
§724.2A - Peace officer — defined — reserved peace officer included. PDF RTF
§724.3 - Unauthorized possession of offensive weapons. PDF RTF
§724.4 - Use of a dangerous weapon in the commission of a crime. PDF RTF
§724.4A - Weapons free zones — enhanced penalties. PDF RTF
§724.4B - Carrying firearms on school grounds — penalty — exceptions. PDF RTF
§724.4C - Possession or carrying of dangerous weapons while under the influence. PDF RTF
§724.4D - Carrying of dangerous weapons — duty to cooperate — reasonable suspicion. PDF RTF
§724.4E - Possession of dangerous weapons and loaded firearms by minors. PDF RTF
§724.5 - Availability of permit not to be construed as prohibition on unlicensed carrying of weapons. PDF RTF
§724.6 - Professional permit to carry weapons. PDF RTF
§724.7 - Nonprofessional permit to carry weapons. PDF RTF
§724.8 - Persons ineligible for permit to carry weapons. PDF RTF
§724.8A - Limitation on authority — nonprojectile high-voltage pulse weapons designed to immobilize — public universities and community colleges. PDF RTF
§724.8B - Persons ineligible to carry dangerous weapons. PDF RTF
§724.9 - Firearm safety training. PDF RTF
§724.9A - Approval of organizations that may certify handgun safety training instructors. PDF RTF
§724.10 - Application for permit to carry weapons — background check required. PDF RTF
§724.11 - Issuance of permit to carry weapons. PDF RTF
§724.11A - Recognition. PDF RTF
§724.12 - Permit to carry weapons not transferable. PDF RTF
§724.13 - Suspension or revocation of permit to carry weapons — criminal history background check. PDF RTF
§724.14 - Nonprofessional permit — change of residence to another county. PDF RTF
§724.15 - Acquiring pistols or revolvers. PDF RTF
§724.16 - Prohibited transfers of firearms. PDF RTF
§724.16A - Trafficking in stolen weapons. PDF RTF
§724.17 - Permit to acquire — criminal history check. PDF RTF
§724.18 - Procedure for making application for permit to acquire. PDF RTF
§724.19 - Issuance of permit to acquire. PDF RTF
§724.20 - Validity of permit to acquire pistols or revolvers. PDF RTF
§724.21 - Giving false information when acquiring pistol or revolver. PDF RTF
§724.21A - Denial, suspension, or revocation of permit to carry weapons or permit to acquire pistols or revolvers. PDF RTF
§724.22 - Persons under twenty-one — sale, loan, gift, making available — possession. PDF RTF
§724.23 - Records kept by commissioner and issuing officers. PDF RTF
§724.24 - Purchase or sale of firearms in contiguous states. PDF RTF
§724.25 - Felony and antique firearm defined. PDF RTF
§724.26 - Possession, receipt, transportation, or dominion and control of firearms, offensive weapons, and ammunition by felons and others. PDF RTF
§724.27 - Offenders’ rights restored. PDF RTF
§724.28 - Prohibition of regulation by political subdivisions — exception. PDF RTF
§724.28A - Authority to carry firearm — peace officers. PDF RTF
§724.29 - Firearm devices. PDF RTF
§724.29A - Fraudulent purchase of firearms or ammunition. PDF RTF
§724.30 - Reckless use of a firearm. PDF RTF
§724.31 - Persons subject to firearm disabilities due to mental health commitments or adjudications — relief from disabilities — reports. PDF RTF
§724.31A - Identifying information — background checks. PDF RTF
§724.32 - County courthouse — weapon prohibitions. PDF RTF