Iowa Code - 2018

Title XVI - CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 717F - DANGEROUS WILD ANIMALS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§717F.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§717F.2 - Rulemaking — chapter 28E agreements — assistance of animal warden. PDF RTF
§717F.3 - Dangerous wild animals — prohibitions. PDF RTF
§717F.4 - Owning or possessing dangerous wild animals on July 1, 2007. PDF RTF
§717F.5 - Seizure, custody, and disposal of dangerous wild animals. PDF RTF
§717F.6 - Cause of the escape of a dangerous wild animal — prohibition. PDF RTF
§717F.7 - Exemptions. PDF RTF
§717F.8 - Dangerous wild animal registration fees. PDF RTF
§717F.9 - Dangerous wild animal registration fund. PDF RTF
§717F.10 - Enforcement. PDF RTF
§717F.11 - Civil penalty. PDF RTF
§717F.12 - Injunctive relief. PDF RTF
§717F.13 - Criminal penalties. PDF RTF