Iowa Code - 2019

Chapter 6B - PROCEDURE UNDER EMINENT DOMAIN PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§6B.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§6B.1A - Procedure provided. PDF RTF
§6B.2 - By whom conducted. PDF RTF
§6B.2A - Notice of proposed public improvement. PDF RTF
§6B.2B - Acquisition negotiation. PDF RTF
§6B.2C - Approval of the public improvement. PDF RTF
§6B.2D - Notice of intent to approve acquisition of property by eminent domain. PDF RTF
§6B.3 - Application — recording — notice — time for appraisement — new proceedings. PDF RTF
§6B.3A - Challenge by owner. PDF RTF
§6B.4 - Commission to assess damages. PDF RTF
§6B.4A - Review of applications by compensation commission. PDF RTF
§6B.5 - Challenges to commissioners — filling vacancies on commission. PDF RTF
§6B.6 - Sheriff to coordinate meeting of commissioners and provide meeting place. PDF RTF
§6B.7 - Commissioners to qualify. PDF RTF
§6B.8 - Notice of assessment. PDF RTF
§6B.9 - Form of notice — signature. PDF RTF
§6B.10 - Signing of notice. PDF RTF
§6B.11 - Filing of notices and return of service. PDF RTF
§6B.12 - Notice when residence unknown. PDF RTF
§6B.13 - Service outside state. PDF RTF
§6B.14 - Appraisement — report. PDF RTF
§6B.15 - Guardianship. PDF RTF
§6B.16 - Power of guardian. PDF RTF
§6B.17 - When appraisement final. PDF RTF
§6B.18 - Notice of appraisement — appeal of award — notice of appeal. PDF RTF
§6B.19 - Service of notice — highway matters. PDF RTF
§6B.20 - Sheriff to file certified copy. PDF RTF
§6B.21 - Appeals — how docketed and tried. PDF RTF
§6B.22 - Pleadings on appeal. PDF RTF
§6B.23 - Question determined. PDF RTF
§6B.24 - Reduction of damages — interest on increased award. PDF RTF
§6B.25 - Right to take possession of lands — title — damages award. PDF RTF
§6B.26 - Dispossession of landowner or injury to property — limitation. PDF RTF
§6B.27 - Erection of dam — limitation. PDF RTF
§6B.28 PDF RTF
§6B.29 PDF RTF
§6B.30 - Additional deposit. PDF RTF
§6B.31 - Payment by public authorities. PDF RTF
§6B.32 - Removal of condemner. PDF RTF
§6B.33 - Costs and attorney fees. PDF RTF
§6B.34 - Refusal to pay final award. PDF RTF
§6B.35 - Sheriff to file record. PDF RTF
§6B.36 - Clerk to file record. PDF RTF
§6B.37 - Form of record — certificate. PDF RTF
§6B.38 - Record of proceedings — fee — effect. PDF RTF
§6B.39 - Fee for recording. PDF RTF
§6B.40 - Failure to record — liability. PDF RTF
§6B.41 - Presumption. PDF RTF
§6B.42 - Eminent domain — payment to displaced persons. PDF RTF
§6B.43 - Chief justice to prepare instructions. PDF RTF
§6B.44 - Taking property for highway — buildings and fences moved. PDF RTF
§6B.45 - Mailing copy of appraisal. PDF RTF
§6B.46 - Special proceedings to condemn existing utility. PDF RTF
§6B.47 - Court of condemnation. PDF RTF
§6B.48 - Procedure. PDF RTF
§6B.49 - Notice — service. PDF RTF
§6B.50 - Powers of court — duty of clerk — vacancy. PDF RTF
§6B.51 - Costs — expenses. PDF RTF
§6B.52 - Renegotiation of damages. PDF RTF
§6B.53 - Procedure for homesteading projects. PDF RTF
§6B.54 - Acquisition policies for acquiring agencies. PDF RTF
§6B.55 - Buildings, structures, and improvements — policies for acquiring agencies. PDF RTF
§6B.56 - Disposition of condemned property. PDF RTF
§6B.56A - Disposition of condemned property — five-year time period. PDF RTF
§6B.57 - Procedural compliance. PDF RTF
§6B.58 - Acquiring agency — definition. PDF RTF
§6B.59 - Sale of acquired property — reimbursement to landowner. PDF RTF
§6B.60 - Rental charges prohibited. PDF RTF
§6B.61 - Approval of local elected officials required. PDF RTF