Iowa Code - 2022

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Chapter 68A - CAMPAIGN FINANCE PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§68A.101 - Citation and administration. PDF RTF
§68A.102 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§68A.103 - Applicability to federal candidates. PDF RTF
§68A.104 - Certain accounts by officeholders prohibited. PDF RTF
§68A.201 - Organization statement. PDF RTF
§68A.201A - Contributions from federal and out-of-state committees or organizations. PDF RTF
§68A.202 - Candidate’s committee. PDF RTF
§68A.203 - Committee treasurer and chairperson — duties. PDF RTF
§68A.301 - Campaign funds. PDF RTF
§68A.302 - Uses of campaign funds. PDF RTF
§68A.303 - Transfer of campaign funds. PDF RTF
§68A.304 - Campaign property. PDF RTF
§68A.401 - Reports filed with board. PDF RTF
§68A.401A - Reporting of contributions and expenditures relating to issue advocacy. PDF RTF
§68A.402 - Disclosure report due dates — permanent organization temporarily engaging in political activity required to file reports. PDF RTF
§68A.402A - Information disclosed on reports. PDF RTF
§68A.402B - Committee dissolution — inactivity — reports. PDF RTF
§68A.403 - Reports preserved. PDF RTF
§68A.404 - Independent expenditures. PDF RTF
§68A.405 - Attribution statement on published material. PDF RTF
§68A.405A - Self-promotion with taxpayer funds prohibited. PDF RTF
§68A.406 - Campaign signs — yard signs. PDF RTF
§68A.501 - Funds from unknown source — escheat. PDF RTF
§68A.502 - Contribution sources — identification — illegal contributions or expenditures — loans. PDF RTF
§68A.503 - Financial institution, insurance company, and corporation contributions — sham newspapers. PDF RTF
§68A.504 - Prohibiting contributions during the legislative session. PDF RTF
§68A.505 - Use of public moneys for political purposes. PDF RTF
§68A.506 - Use of false caller identification for campaign purposes prohibited. PDF RTF
§68A.601 - Checkoff — income tax. PDF RTF
§68A.602 - Fund created. PDF RTF
§68A.603 - Rules promulgated. PDF RTF
§68A.604 - Funds. PDF RTF
§68A.605 - Distribution of campaign fund — restrictions on use. PDF RTF
§68A.606 - Funds — campaign expenses only. PDF RTF
§68A.607 - Reversion of funds. PDF RTF
§68A.608 - Income tax form — checkoff space. PDF RTF
§68A.609 PDF RTF
§68A.701 - Penalty. PDF RTF