Iowa Code - 2016

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§633A.1101 - Short title. PDF RTF
§633A.1102 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§633A.1103 - Per stirpes rule of descent. PDF RTF
§633A.1104 - Common law of trusts. PDF RTF
§633A.1105 - Trust terms control. PDF RTF
§633A.1106 - General rule concerning application of the Iowa trust code. PDF RTF
§633A.1107 - Scope of trust code. PDF RTF
§633A.1108 - Governing law. PDF RTF
§633A.2101 - Methods of creating trusts. PDF RTF
§633A.2102 - Requirements for validity. PDF RTF
§633A.2103 - Statute of frauds. PDF RTF
§633A.2104 - Trust purposes. PDF RTF
§633A.2105 - Honorary trusts — trusts for pets. PDF RTF
§633A.2106 - Resulting trusts. PDF RTF
§633A.2107 - Constructive trusts. PDF RTF
§633A.2201 - Termination of trust. PDF RTF
§633A.2202 - Modification or termination by settlor and all beneficiaries. PDF RTF
§633A.2203 - Termination of irrevocable trust or modification of dispositive provisions of irrevocable trust by court. PDF RTF
§633A.2204 - Modification of administrative provisions by court for change of circumstances. PDF RTF
§633A.2205 - Noncharitable trust with uneconomically low value. PDF RTF
§633A.2206 - Reformation — tax objectives. PDF RTF
§633A.2207 - Combination of trusts. PDF RTF
§633A.2208 - Division of trusts. PDF RTF
§633A.2301 - Rights of beneficiary, creditor, and assignee. PDF RTF
§633A.2302 - Spendthrift protection recognized. PDF RTF
§633A.2303 - Spendthrift trusts for the benefit of settlor. PDF RTF
§633A.2304 - Amount reachable by creditors or transferees of settlor. PDF RTF
§633A.2305 - Discretionary trusts — effect of standard. PDF RTF
§633A.2306 - Court action — trustee’s discretion. PDF RTF
§633A.2307 - Overdue mandatory distribution. PDF RTF
§633A.3101 - Competency to create, revoke, or modify a revocable trust. PDF RTF
§633A.3102 - Revocation or modification. PDF RTF
§633A.3103 - Other rights of settlor. PDF RTF
§633A.3104 - Claims against revocable trust. PDF RTF
§633A.3105 - Rights of and claims against holder of general power of appointment. PDF RTF
§633A.3106 - Children born or adopted after execution of a revocable trust. PDF RTF
§633A.3107 - Effect of divorce or dissolution. PDF RTF
§633A.3108 - Limitation on contest of revocable trust. PDF RTF
§633A.3109 - Limitation on creditor rights against revocable trust assets after settlor’s death. PDF RTF
§633A.3110 - Notice to creditors, heirs, and surviving spouse. PDF RTF
§633A.3111 - Rights of trustee regarding claims in a probate administration. PDF RTF
§633A.3112 - Trustee’s liability for distributions. PDF RTF
§633A.3113 - Definitions — revocable trusts. PDF RTF
§633A.3114 - Allowance to surviving spouse. PDF RTF
§633A.3115 - Allowance to children who do not reside with surviving spouse. PDF RTF
§633A.4101 - Acceptance or declination to serve as trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4102 - Trustee’s bond. PDF RTF
§633A.4103 - Actions by cotrustees. PDF RTF
§633A.4104 - Vacancy in office of trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4105 - Filling vacancy. PDF RTF
§633A.4106 - Resignation of trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4107 - Removal of trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4108 - Delivery of property by former trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4109 - Compensation of trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4110 - Repayment for expenditures. PDF RTF
§633A.4111 - Notice of increased trustee’s fee. PDF RTF
§633A.4201 - Duty to administer trust — alteration by terms of trust. PDF RTF
§633A.4202 - Duty of loyalty — impartiality — confidential relationship. PDF RTF
§633A.4203 - Standard of prudence. PDF RTF
§633A.4204 - Costs of administration. PDF RTF
§633A.4205 - Special skills. PDF RTF
§633A.4206 - Delegation. PDF RTF
§633A.4207 - Directory powers. PDF RTF
§633A.4208 - Cotrustees. PDF RTF
§633A.4209 - Control and safeguarding of trust property. PDF RTF
§633A.4210 - Separation and identification of trust property. PDF RTF
§633A.4211 - Enforcement and defense of claims and actions. PDF RTF
§633A.4212 - Prior fiduciaries. PDF RTF
§633A.4213 - Duty to inform and account. PDF RTF
§633A.4214 - Duties with regard to discretionary powers. PDF RTF
§633A.4301 - Short title. PDF RTF
§633A.4302 - Standard of care — portfolio strategy — risk and return objectives. PDF RTF
§633A.4303 - Diversification. PDF RTF
§633A.4304 - Duties at inception of trusteeship. PDF RTF
§633A.4305 - Loyalty. PDF RTF
§633A.4306 - Impartiality. PDF RTF
§633A.4307 - Investment costs. PDF RTF
§633A.4308 - Reviewing compliance. PDF RTF
§633A.4309 - Language invoking prudent investor rule. PDF RTF
§633A.4401 - General powers — fiduciary duties. PDF RTF
§633A.4402 - Specific powers of trustees. PDF RTF
§633A.4501 - Violations of duties — breach of trust. PDF RTF
§633A.4502 - Breach of trust — actions. PDF RTF
§633A.4503 - Breach of trust — liability. PDF RTF
§633A.4504 - Limitation of action against trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4505 - Exculpation of trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4506 - Beneficiary’s consent, release, or affirmance — nonliability of trustee. PDF RTF
§633A.4507 - Attorney fees and costs. PDF RTF
§633A.4601 - Personal liability — limitations. PDF RTF
§633A.4602 - Dissenting cotrustees. PDF RTF
§633A.4603 - Obligations of third parties. PDF RTF
§633A.4604 - Certification of trust. PDF RTF
§633A.4605 - Liability for wrongful taking, concealing, or disposing of trust property. PDF RTF
§633A.4606 - Interest as general partner. PDF RTF
§633A.4701 - Survivorship with respect to future interests under terms of trust — substitute takers. PDF RTF
§633A.4702 - Discretionary language prevails over other standard. PDF RTF
§633A.4703 - General order for abatement. PDF RTF
§633A.4704 - Simultaneous death. PDF RTF
§633A.4705 - Principal and income. PDF RTF
§633A.4706 - Small distributions to minors — payment. PDF RTF
§633A.4707 - Person causing death. PDF RTF
§633A.5101 - Charitable purposes. PDF RTF
§633A.5102 - Application of cy pres. PDF RTF
§633A.5103 - Trust with uneconomically low value. PDF RTF
§633A.5104 - Interested persons — proceedings. PDF RTF
§633A.5105 - Charitable trusts. PDF RTF
§633A.5106 - Settlor — enforcement of charitable trust — designation. PDF RTF
§633A.5107 - Filing requirements. PDF RTF
§633A.5108 - Role of the attorney general. PDF RTF
§633A.6101 - Subject matter jurisdiction. PDF RTF
§633A.6102 - Principal place of administration of trust. PDF RTF
§633A.6103 - Jurisdiction over trustees and beneficiaries. PDF RTF
§633A.6104 - County of venue. PDF RTF
§633A.6105 - Transfer of jurisdiction. PDF RTF
§633A.6201 - Judicial intervention intermittent. PDF RTF
§633A.6202 - Petitions — purposes of proceedings. PDF RTF
§633A.6301 - Definition and applicability. PDF RTF
§633A.6302 - Representation by holders of powers. PDF RTF
§633A.6303 - Representation by fiduciaries and parents. PDF RTF
§633A.6304 - Representation by holders of similar interests. PDF RTF
§633A.6305 - Notice of judicial settlement. PDF RTF
§633A.6306 - Appointment of guardian ad litem. PDF RTF
§633A.6307 - Appointment of special representative. PDF RTF
§633A.6308 - Nonjudicial settlement agreements. PDF RTF