Iowa Code - 2014

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§607A.1 - Declaration of policy. PDF RTF
§607A.2 - Prohibition of discrimination. PDF RTF
§607A.3 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§607A.4 - Jury service — minimum qualifications — disqualification — documentation. PDF RTF
§607A.5 - Automatic excuse from jury service. PDF RTF
§607A.6 - Discretionary excuse from jury service. PDF RTF
§607A.7 - False excuse — prohibited requests — penalty. PDF RTF
§607A.8 - Fees and expenses for jurors. PDF RTF
§607A.9 - Ex officio commissions. PDF RTF
§607A.10 - Appointive commission — master list. PDF RTF
§607A.11 - Limitation on appointment. PDF RTF
§607A.12 - Manner of appointment. PDF RTF
§607A.13 - Clerk to notify. PDF RTF
§607A.14 - Vacancy. PDF RTF
§607A.15 - Qualification — tenure. PDF RTF
§607A.16 - Instructions to appointive commission. PDF RTF
§607A.17 - Compensation and expenses. PDF RTF
§607A.18 - Assistants. PDF RTF
§607A.19 - Jury commissions not required. PDF RTF
§607A.20 - Jury manager. PDF RTF
§607A.21 - Jury lists. PDF RTF
§607A.22 - Use of source lists — information provided. PDF RTF
§607A.23 - Judicial division of county. PDF RTF
§607A.24 - Certification. PDF RTF
§607A.25 - Filing of lists. PDF RTF
§607A.26 - Preservation of records. PDF RTF
§607A.27 - Preparation for drawing of panels. PDF RTF
§607A.28 - Ballot boxes — sealed and custody — security of programs. PDF RTF
§607A.29 - Length of service. PDF RTF
§607A.30 - Time of drawing. PDF RTF
§607A.31 - Notice of drawing. PDF RTF
§607A.32 - Absence of commissioner. PDF RTF
§607A.33 - Details of drawing. PDF RTF
§607A.34 - Resealing of box. PDF RTF
§607A.35 - Filing list — notice to report. PDF RTF
§607A.36 - Contempt. PDF RTF
§607A.37 - Cancellation for illegality. PDF RTF
§607A.38 - Discharged jurors — notification. PDF RTF
§607A.39 - Additional jurors. PDF RTF
§607A.40 - Discharge of panel. PDF RTF
§607A.41 - Method of subsequent drawing. PDF RTF
§607A.42 - Disposition of names drawn. PDF RTF
§607A.43 - Correcting illegality in original lists. PDF RTF
§607A.44 - Notice to ex officio jury commission or jury manager. PDF RTF
§607A.45 - Employer prohibited from penalizing employee — penalty — action for lost wages. PDF RTF
§607A.46 - Delinquency of officers. PDF RTF
§607A.47 - Juror questionnaire. PDF RTF