Iowa Code - 2020

Chapter 600B - PATERNITY AND OBLIGATION FOR SUPPORT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§600B.1 - Obligation of parents. PDF RTF
§600B.2 - Recovery by mother from father. PDF RTF
§600B.3 PDF RTF
§600B.4 - Recovery by others than mother. PDF RTF
§600B.5 - Discharge of father’s obligation. PDF RTF
§600B.6 - Liability of the father’s estate. PDF RTF
§600B.7 - Proceedings to establish paternity. PDF RTF
§600B.8 - Who may institute proceedings. PDF RTF
§600B.9 - Time of instituting proceedings. PDF RTF
§600B.10 - Venue. PDF RTF
§600B.11 - Nonresident complainant. PDF RTF
§600B.12 - Complaint — where brought. PDF RTF
§600B.13 - Form of complaint — verification. PDF RTF
§600B.14 - Substance of complaint. PDF RTF
§600B.15 - Original notice. PDF RTF
§600B.16 - Lis pendens. PDF RTF
§600B.17 - Writ of attachment. PDF RTF
§600B.18 - Method of trial. PDF RTF
§600B.19 - County attorney to prosecute. PDF RTF
§600B.20 - Exclusion of bystanders. PDF RTF
§600B.21 - Death, absence or mental illness of mother — testimony receivable. PDF RTF
§600B.22 - Death of defendant. PDF RTF
§600B.23 - Costs payable by county. PDF RTF
§600B.24 - Judgment in general. PDF RTF
§600B.25 - Form of judgment — contents of support order — evidence — costs. PDF RTF
§600B.26 - Payment of attorney fees. PDF RTF
§600B.27 - Payment to trustees. PDF RTF
§600B.28 - Report by trustee. PDF RTF
§600B.29 - Desertion statute applicable. PDF RTF
§600B.30 - Agreement or compromise. PDF RTF
§600B.31 - Continuing jurisdiction. PDF RTF
§600B.31A - Parties to and court issuing original order — notice. PDF RTF
§600B.32 - Concurrence of remedies. PDF RTF
§600B.33 - Limitations of actions. PDF RTF
§600B.34 - Foreign judgments. PDF RTF
§600B.35 - Reference to illegitimacy prohibited. PDF RTF
§600B.36 - Report to registrar of vital statistics. PDF RTF
§600B.37 - Contempt. PDF RTF
§600B.37A - Action for default or contempt — costs. PDF RTF
§600B.38 - Recipients of public assistance — assignment of support payments. PDF RTF
§600B.39 - “Child” defined. PDF RTF
§600B.40 - Custody and visitation. PDF RTF
§600B.40A - Temporary orders — support, custody, or visitation of a child. PDF RTF
§600B.41 - Blood and genetic tests. PDF RTF
§600B.41A - Actions to overcome paternity — applicability — conditions. PDF RTF
§600B.42 - Security for payment of support — forfeiture. PDF RTF