Iowa Code - 2020

Title XIV - PROPERTY | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 556F - LOST PROPERTY PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§556F.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§556F.1A - Taking up vessels, rafts, logs and lumber. PDF RTF
§556F.2 - Warrant — appraisal — return — record. PDF RTF
§556F.3 - Value under twenty dollars. PDF RTF
§556F.4 - Value exceeding twenty dollars. PDF RTF
§556F.5 - Advertisement — when title vests. PDF RTF
§556F.6 - Lost goods or money. PDF RTF
§556F.7 - When owner unknown. PDF RTF
§556F.8 - Advertisement. PDF RTF
§556F.9 - Record of publication. PDF RTF
§556F.10 - Additional publication. PDF RTF
§556F.11 - Vesting of title. PDF RTF
§556F.12 - Ownership settled. PDF RTF
§556F.13 - Compensation. PDF RTF
§556F.14 - Costs, charges and care — assessment. PDF RTF
§556F.15 - Proceeds — forfeiture. PDF RTF
§556F.16 - Responsibility of taker-up. PDF RTF
§556F.17 - Penalty for selling. PDF RTF
§556F.18 - Failure to comply. PDF RTF