Iowa Code - 2015

Title XIII - COMMERCE | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 543B - REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND SALESPERSONS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§543B.1 - License mandatory. PDF RTF
§543B.2 - Individual licenses necessary. PDF RTF
§543B.3 - Broker — definition. PDF RTF
§543B.4 - Real estate — definition. PDF RTF
§543B.5 - Other definitions. PDF RTF
§543B.6 - Acts constituting dealing in real estate. PDF RTF
§543B.7 - Acts excluded from provisions — prohibited acts — penalties. PDF RTF
§543B.8 - Real estate commission created — staff. PDF RTF
§543B.9 - Rules. PDF RTF
§543B.10 PDF RTF
§543B.11 PDF RTF
§543B.12 - Expenses of members — compensation. PDF RTF
§543B.13 - Seal — records. PDF RTF
§543B.14 - Fees and expenses. PDF RTF
§543B.15 - Qualifications. PDF RTF
§543B.16 - Application forms. PDF RTF
§543B.17 PDF RTF
§543B.18 - Enforcement of rules. PDF RTF
§543B.19 - License denied — hearing. PDF RTF
§543B.20 - Examination. PDF RTF
§543B.21 - Nonresident license. PDF RTF
§543B.22 - Nonresident’s place of business. PDF RTF
§543B.23 - Actions against nonresidents. PDF RTF
§543B.24 - Custody of salesperson’s license. PDF RTF
§543B.25 - Display of license. PDF RTF
§543B.26 PDF RTF
§543B.27 - Fees. PDF RTF
§543B.28 - Expiration of license. PDF RTF
§543B.29 - Revocation or suspension. PDF RTF
§543B.30 - Actions — license as prerequisite. PDF RTF
§543B.31 - Place of business. PDF RTF
§543B.32 - Change of location. PDF RTF
§543B.33 - Salespersons — change of employment. PDF RTF
§543B.34 - Investigations by commission — licensing sanctions — civil penalty. PDF RTF
§543B.35 - Hearing on charges. PDF RTF
§543B.36 - Attendance of witnesses. PDF RTF
§543B.37 - Fees and mileage. PDF RTF
§543B.38 - Request for witnesses. PDF RTF
§543B.39 - Disobedience to subpoena. PDF RTF
§543B.40 - Depositions. PDF RTF
§543B.41 - Findings of fact. PDF RTF
§543B.42 - List of licensees. PDF RTF
§543B.43 - Penalties. PDF RTF
§543B.44 - Complaints referred to court. PDF RTF
§543B.45 - Dual contracts for sale of real property. PDF RTF
§543B.46 - Trust accounts. PDF RTF
§543B.47 - Insurance requirement. PDF RTF
§543B.48 - Civil penalty amount. PDF RTF
§543B.49 - Injunctive relief. PDF RTF
§543B.50 - Meetings. PDF RTF
§543B.51 - Public members. PDF RTF
§543B.52 - Disclosure of confidential information. PDF RTF
§543B.53 - Application of chapter. PDF RTF
§543B.54 - Real estate education fund. PDF RTF
§543B.55 - Disclosure of relationship. PDF RTF
§543B.56 - Duties of licensees. PDF RTF
§543B.56A - Brokerage agreements — purpose — contents. PDF RTF
§543B.57 - Confirmation and disclosure of relationship. PDF RTF
§543B.58 - Licensees representing more than one client in a transaction. PDF RTF
§543B.59 - Appointed agents within a firm. PDF RTF
§543B.60 - Licensees providing services in more than one transaction. PDF RTF
§543B.60A - Prohibited practices — business referral disclosures. PDF RTF
§543B.61 - Violations — real estate commission jurisdiction. PDF RTF
§543B.62 - Changes in common law duties and liabilities of licensees and parties. PDF RTF
§543B.63 - Licensee not considered subagent. PDF RTF
§543B.64 - Chapter is not limiting. PDF RTF