Iowa Code - 2019

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Chapter 538A - CREDIT SERVICES ORGANIZATIONS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§538A.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§538A.2 - Credit services organization defined — exemptions. PDF RTF
§538A.3 - Prohibited conduct. PDF RTF
§538A.4 - Bond — surety account. PDF RTF
§538A.5 - Registration. PDF RTF
§538A.6 - Disclosure statement. PDF RTF
§538A.7 - Form in terms of contract. PDF RTF
§538A.8 - Waiver. PDF RTF
§538A.9 - Action for damages. PDF RTF
§538A.10 - Injunction. PDF RTF
§538A.11 - Statute of limitations. PDF RTF
§538A.12 - Criminal penalty. PDF RTF
§538A.13 - Burden of proving exemption. PDF RTF
§538A.14 - Remedies cumulative. PDF RTF