Iowa Code - 2016

Title XIII - COMMERCE | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 535D - MORTGAGE LICENSING ACT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§535D.1 - Title. PDF RTF
§535D.2 - Legislative findings and purpose. PDF RTF
§535D.3 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§535D.4 - License and registration required. PDF RTF
§535D.4A - Exemptions. PDF RTF
§535D.5 - License and registration — application and issuance. PDF RTF
§535D.6 - Conditions of licensure. PDF RTF
§535D.7 - Prelicensing education of loan originators. PDF RTF
§535D.8 - Test requirements. PDF RTF
§535D.9 - Standards for license renewal and nonrenewal. PDF RTF
§535D.10 - Continuing education. PDF RTF
§535D.11 - Duties and powers of superintendent. PDF RTF
§535D.12 - Nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry information — challenge process. PDF RTF
§535D.13 - Disciplinary action and civil enforcement authority. PDF RTF
§535D.14 - Surety bond required or recovery fund. PDF RTF
§535D.15 - Confidentiality. PDF RTF
§535D.16 - Investigation and examination authority. PDF RTF
§535D.17 - Prohibited acts and practices. PDF RTF
§535D.18 - Report to nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry. PDF RTF
§535D.19 - Unique identifier shown. PDF RTF
§535D.20 - Operating without a license — penalty. PDF RTF
§535D.21 - Administrative authority. PDF RTF
§535D.22 - Compliance with federal law. PDF RTF
§535D.23 - Reports of condition required — exceptions. PDF RTF