Iowa Code - 2015

Title XIII - COMMERCE | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 533A - DEBT MANAGEMENT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§533A.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§533A.2 - Licenses required — exceptions. PDF RTF
§533A.3 - Investigation. PDF RTF
§533A.4 - Expiration date. PDF RTF
§533A.5 - Renewal. PDF RTF
§533A.5A - Change in control — name or address. PDF RTF
§533A.6 - Appointment of process agent. PDF RTF
§533A.7 - Disciplinary action. PDF RTF
§533A.8 - Licensee requirements. PDF RTF
§533A.9 - Fee agreed in advance. PDF RTF
§533A.9A - Donations. PDF RTF
§533A.10 - Examination of licensee — records. PDF RTF
§533A.11 - Unlawful acts of licensee. PDF RTF
§533A.12 - Rules. PDF RTF
§533A.13 - License mandatory to business. PDF RTF
§533A.14 - Fees to state treasurer. PDF RTF
§533A.15 - Judicial review. PDF RTF
§533A.16 - Violations — injunctions — civil penalties. PDF RTF
§533A.17 - Waiver not allowed. PDF RTF