Iowa Code - 2015

Title XIII - COMMERCE | Back to Title Listing
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§523A.101 - Short title. PDF RTF
§523A.102 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§523A.201 - Establishment of trust funds. PDF RTF
§523A.202 - Trust fund deposit requirements. PDF RTF
§523A.203 - Financial institution trustees — qualification and investment requirements. PDF RTF
§523A.204 - Preneed seller annual reporting requirements — penalty. PDF RTF
§523A.205 - Financial institution annual reporting requirements. PDF RTF
§523A.206 - Examinations — authority and scope. PDF RTF
§523A.207 - Audits by certified public accountants — penalty. PDF RTF
§523A.301 - Definition. PDF RTF
§523A.302 - Identification of merchandise and service provider. PDF RTF
§523A.303 - Disbursement of remaining funds. PDF RTF
§523A.401 - Purchase agreements funded by insurance proceeds. PDF RTF
§523A.402 - Purchase agreements funded by annuity proceeds. PDF RTF
§523A.403 - Purchase agreements funded by certificates of deposit. PDF RTF
§523A.404 - Merchandise delivered to the purchaser or warehoused. PDF RTF
§523A.405 - Bond in lieu of trust fund. PDF RTF
§523A.501 - Preneed sellers — licenses. PDF RTF
§523A.502 - Sales agents — licenses. PDF RTF
§523A.502A - Sales agent annual reporting requirements — penalty. PDF RTF
§523A.503 - Denial, suspension, revocation, and surrender of licenses. PDF RTF
§523A.504 - Appointment of sales agents — fee. PDF RTF
§523A.601 - Disclosures. PDF RTF
§523A.602 - Consumer recision, cancellation, and refund rights — purchase agreement compliance with other laws. PDF RTF
§523A.603 - Security and notice requirements. PDF RTF
§523A.604 - Purchase agreements — numbering. PDF RTF
§523A.701 - Misleading filings. PDF RTF
§523A.702 - Misrepresentations of government approval. PDF RTF
§523A.703 - Fraudulent practices. PDF RTF
§523A.704 - Violations. PDF RTF
§523A.801 - Administration. PDF RTF
§523A.802 - Scope. PDF RTF
§523A.803 - Investigations and subpoenas. PDF RTF
§523A.804 - Mediation. PDF RTF
§523A.805 - Cease and desist orders — injunctions. PDF RTF
§523A.806 - Court action for failure to cooperate. PDF RTF
§523A.807 - Prosecution for violations of law. PDF RTF
§523A.808 - Cooperation with other agencies. PDF RTF
§523A.809 - Rules, forms, and orders. PDF RTF
§523A.810 - Date of filing — interpretive opinions. PDF RTF
§523A.810A - Electronic filing. PDF RTF
§523A.811 - Receiverships. PDF RTF
§523A.812 - Insurance division regulatory fund. PDF RTF
§523A.813 - License revocation — recommendation by commissioner to board of mortuary science. PDF RTF
§523A.814 - Examination fee. PDF RTF
§523A.901 - Liquidation. PDF RTF