Iowa Code - 2019

Title XIII - COMMERCE | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 515G - MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY CONVERSIONS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§515G.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§515G.2 - Mutual insurer becoming stock company — authorization. PDF RTF
§515G.3 - Plan of conversion. PDF RTF
§515G.4 - Policyholders — voting rights. PDF RTF
§515G.5 - Appointment of consultant. PDF RTF
§515G.6 - Approval of plan by policyholders — notice of election — effective date. PDF RTF
§515G.7 - Review of plan by commissioner — hearing authorized — approval. PDF RTF
§515G.8 - Payment of fees, salaries, and costs. PDF RTF
§515G.9 - Act of conversion — continuation of company. PDF RTF
§515G.10 - Continuation of officers. PDF RTF
§515G.11 - Rules. PDF RTF
§515G.12 - Amendments — withdrawal. PDF RTF
§515G.13 - Prohibitions on certain offers to acquire shares. PDF RTF
§515G.14 - Limitation of actions — security for attorney fees. PDF RTF
§515G.15 - Duties of secretary of state. PDF RTF