Iowa Code - 2019

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§514C.1 - Supplemental coverage for adopted or newly born children. PDF RTF
§514C.2 - Skilled nursing care covered in hospitals. PDF RTF
§514C.3 - Dentist’s services under accident and sickness insurance policies. PDF RTF
§514C.3A - Disclosures relating to dental coverage reimbursement rates. PDF RTF
§514C.3B - Dental coverage — fee schedules. PDF RTF
§514C.4 - Mandated coverage for mammography. PDF RTF
§514C.5 - Prescription drug benefit restrictions. PDF RTF
§514C.6 - Uniformity of treatment — employee welfare benefit plans. PDF RTF
§514C.7 - Prohibition on restricting coverage in certain instances involving a diagnosis of a fibrocystic condition. PDF RTF
§514C.8 - Coordination of health care benefits with state medical assistance. PDF RTF
§514C.9 - Medical support — insurance requirements. PDF RTF
§514C.10 - Coverage for adopted child. PDF RTF
§514C.11 - Services provided by licensed physician assistants and licensed advanced registered nurse practitioners. PDF RTF
§514C.12 - Postdelivery benefits and care. PDF RTF
§514C.13 - Group managed care health plans — requirements attached to limited provider network plan offers. PDF RTF
§514C.14 - Continuity of care — pregnancy. PDF RTF
§514C.15 - Treatment options. PDF RTF
§514C.16 - Emergency room services. PDF RTF
§514C.17 - Continuity of care — terminal illness. PDF RTF
§514C.18 - Diabetes coverage. PDF RTF
§514C.19 - Prescription contraceptive coverage. PDF RTF
§514C.20 - Mandated coverage for dental care — anesthesia and certain hospital charges. PDF RTF
§514C.21 - Coverage for immunizations — mercury. PDF RTF
§514C.22 - Biologically based mental illness coverage. PDF RTF
§514C.23 - Human papilloma virus vaccinations — coverage. PDF RTF
§514C.24 - Cancer treatment — coverage. PDF RTF
§514C.25 - Coverage for prosthetic devices. PDF RTF
§514C.26 - Approved cancer clinical trials coverage. PDF RTF
§514C.27 - Mental illness and substance abuse treatment coverage for veterans. PDF RTF
§514C.28 - Autism spectrum disorders coverage. PDF RTF
§514C.29 - Services provided by a doctor of chiropractic. PDF RTF
§514C.30 - Services provided by a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech pathologist. PDF RTF
§514C.31 - Applied behavior analysis for treatment of autism spectrum disorder — coverage. PDF RTF
§514C.32 - Services provided by certain licensed master social workers, licensed mental health counselors, and licensed marital and family therapists. PDF RTF
§514C.33 - Services provided by provisionally licensed psychologists. PDF RTF
§514C.34 - Health care services delivered by telehealth — coverage. PDF RTF