Iowa Code - 2019

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Chapter 514B - HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATIONS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§514B.1 - Definitions — services required or available. PDF RTF
§514B.2 - Establishment of health maintenance organizations. PDF RTF
§514B.3 - Application for a certificate of authority. PDF RTF
§514B.3A - Articles — approval — bylaws. PDF RTF
§514B.3B - Certificate of authority — renewal. PDF RTF
§514B.4 - Applicant for certificate of authority. PDF RTF
§514B.4A - Direct provision of health care services. PDF RTF
§514B.5 - Issuance and denial of a certificate of authority. PDF RTF
§514B.6 - Powers of health maintenance organizations. PDF RTF
§514B.7 - Governing body. PDF RTF
§514B.8 - Fiduciary responsibilities. PDF RTF
§514B.9 - Evidence of coverage. PDF RTF
§514B.9A - Coverage of children — continuation or reenrollment. PDF RTF
§514B.10 - Charges. PDF RTF
§514B.11 - Disapproval of filings. PDF RTF
§514B.12 - Annual report. PDF RTF
§514B.13 - Open enrollment. PDF RTF
§514B.14 - Complaint system. PDF RTF
§514B.15 - Investments. PDF RTF
§514B.16 - Protection against insolvency. PDF RTF
§514B.17 - Cancellation of enrollees. PDF RTF
§514B.17A - Rescission. PDF RTF
§514B.18 - False representation. PDF RTF
§514B.19 - Regulation of insurance producers. PDF RTF
§514B.20 - Powers of insurers and hospital and medical service corporations. PDF RTF
§514B.21 - Public employees included. PDF RTF
§514B.22 - Fees. PDF RTF
§514B.23 - Rules. PDF RTF
§514B.24 - Examinations permitted. PDF RTF
§514B.25 - Financially impaired or insolvent health maintenance organizations. PDF RTF
§514B.25A - Insolvency protection — assessment. PDF RTF
§514B.26 - Administrative procedures. PDF RTF
§514B.27 - Judicial review. PDF RTF
§514B.28 - Injunction. PDF RTF
§514B.29 - Penalty. PDF RTF
§514B.30 - Communications in professional confidence. PDF RTF
§514B.31 - Taxation. PDF RTF
§514B.32 - Construction. PDF RTF
§514B.33 - Establishment of limited service organizations. PDF RTF