Iowa Code - 2019

Title XIII - COMMERCE | Back to Title Listing
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§507C.1 - Short title — construction — purpose. PDF RTF
§507C.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§507C.3 - Applicability. PDF RTF
§507C.4 - Jurisdiction and venue. PDF RTF
§507C.5 - Injunctions and orders. PDF RTF
§507C.6 - Cooperation of officers, owners, and employees — penalty. PDF RTF
§507C.7 - Bonds. PDF RTF
§507C.8 - Continuation of delinquency proceedings. PDF RTF
§507C.8A - Condition on release from delinquency proceedings. PDF RTF
§507C.9 - Summary orders and supervision proceedings — penalty. PDF RTF
§507C.10 - Seizure order. PDF RTF
§507C.11 - Confidentiality of hearings. PDF RTF
§507C.12 - Grounds for rehabilitation. PDF RTF
§507C.13 - Rehabilitation orders. PDF RTF
§507C.14 - Powers and duties of the rehabilitator. PDF RTF
§507C.15 - Actions by and against rehabilitator. PDF RTF
§507C.16 - Termination of rehabilitation. PDF RTF
§507C.17 - Grounds for liquidation. PDF RTF
§507C.17A - Rehabilitation or liquidation of certain covered domestic insurers. PDF RTF
§507C.18 - Liquidation orders. PDF RTF
§507C.19 - Continuance of coverage. PDF RTF
§507C.20 - Dissolution or sale of insurer. PDF RTF
§507C.20A - Redomestication of foreign insurer. PDF RTF
§507C.21 - Powers of liquidator. PDF RTF
§507C.22 - Notice to creditors and others. PDF RTF
§507C.23 - Duties of agents. PDF RTF
§507C.24 - Actions by and against liquidator. PDF RTF
§507C.25 - Collection and list of assets. PDF RTF
§507C.26 - Fraudulent transfers prior to petition. PDF RTF
§507C.27 - Fraudulent transfer after petition. PDF RTF
§507C.28 - Voidable preferences and liens. PDF RTF
§507C.28A - Qualified financial contracts. PDF RTF
§507C.29 - Claims of holders of void or voidable rights. PDF RTF
§507C.30 - Setoffs. PDF RTF
§507C.31 - Assessments. PDF RTF
§507C.32 - Reinsurer’s liability. PDF RTF
§507C.33 - Recovery of premiums owed. PDF RTF
§507C.34 - Domiciliary liquidator’s proposal to distribute assets. PDF RTF
§507C.35 - Filing of claims. PDF RTF
§507C.36 - Proof of claim. PDF RTF
§507C.37 - Special claims. PDF RTF
§507C.38 - Special provisions for third-party claims. PDF RTF
§507C.39 - Disputed claims. PDF RTF
§507C.40 - Claims of other person. PDF RTF
§507C.41 - Secured creditor’s claims. PDF RTF
§507C.42 - Priority of distribution. PDF RTF
§507C.43 - Liquidator’s recommendations to the court. PDF RTF
§507C.44 - Distribution of assets. PDF RTF
§507C.45 - Unclaimed and withheld funds. PDF RTF
§507C.46 - Termination of proceedings. PDF RTF
§507C.47 - Reopening liquidation. PDF RTF
§507C.48 - Disposition of records during and after termination of liquidation. PDF RTF
§507C.49 - External audit of the receiver’s books. PDF RTF
§507C.50 - Conservation of property of foreign or alien insurers found in this state. PDF RTF
§507C.51 - Liquidation of property of foreign or alien insurers found in this state. PDF RTF
§507C.52 - Domiciliary liquidators in other states. PDF RTF
§507C.53 - Ancillary formal proceedings. PDF RTF
§507C.54 - Ancillary summary proceedings. PDF RTF
§507C.55 - Claims of nonresidents against insurers domiciled in this state. PDF RTF
§507C.56 - Claims of residents against insurers domiciled in reciprocal states. PDF RTF
§507C.57 - Attachment, garnishment, and levy of execution. PDF RTF
§507C.58 - Interstate priorities. PDF RTF
§507C.59 - Subordination of claims for noncooperation. PDF RTF
§507C.60 - Suspension of certificate of authority. PDF RTF