Iowa Code - 2016

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Chapter 502A - COMMODITIES CODE PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§502A.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§502A.2 - Unlawful commodity transactions. PDF RTF
§502A.3 - Exempt person transactions. PDF RTF
§502A.4 - Exempt transactions. PDF RTF
§502A.5 - Unlawful commodity activities. PDF RTF
§502A.6 - Fraudulent conduct. PDF RTF
§502A.7 - Liability of principals, controlling persons, and others. PDF RTF
§502A.8 - Securities laws unaffected. PDF RTF
§502A.9 - Purpose. PDF RTF
§502A.10 PDF RTF
§502A.11 - Investigations. PDF RTF
§502A.12 - Enforcement of chapter. PDF RTF
§502A.13 - Power of court to grant relief. PDF RTF
§502A.14 - Criminal penalties. PDF RTF
§502A.15 - Administration of chapter. PDF RTF
§502A.16 - Cooperation with other agencies. PDF RTF
§502A.17 - General authority to adopt rules, forms, and orders. PDF RTF
§502A.18 - Consent to service of process. PDF RTF
§502A.19 - Chapter scope. PDF RTF
§502A.20 - Effect of pending judicial review. PDF RTF
§502A.21 - Pleading exemptions. PDF RTF
§502A.22 - Affirmative defense. PDF RTF