Iowa Code - 2016

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Chapter 501A - COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONS ACT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§501A.101 - Short title. PDF RTF
§501A.102 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§501A.103 - Requirements for signatures on documents. PDF RTF
§501A.201 - General filing requirements. PDF RTF
§501A.202 - Filing duty of secretary of state. PDF RTF
§501A.203 - Effective time and date of documents. PDF RTF
§501A.204 - Correcting filed documents. PDF RTF
§501A.205 - Fees. PDF RTF
§501A.206 - Forms. PDF RTF
§501A.207 - Appeal from secretary of state’s refusal to file document. PDF RTF
§501A.208 - Evidentiary effect of copy of filed document. PDF RTF
§501A.209 - Certificate of existence. PDF RTF
§501A.210 - Penalty for signing false document. PDF RTF
§501A.211 - Secretary of state — powers. PDF RTF
§501A.221 - Certificate of authority. PDF RTF
§501A.222 - Cancellation of certificate of authority. PDF RTF
§501A.231 - Biennial report for secretary of state. PDF RTF
§501A.301 - Name. PDF RTF
§501A.302 - Reserved name. PDF RTF
§501A.401 - Registered office and registered agent. PDF RTF
§501A.402 - Change of registered office or registered agent. PDF RTF
§501A.403 - Resignation of registered agent — discontinuance of registered office — statement. PDF RTF
§501A.404 - Service on domestic cooperatives. PDF RTF
§501A.405 - Service on foreign cooperative. PDF RTF
§501A.501 - Organizational purpose. PDF RTF
§501A.502 - Organizers. PDF RTF
§501A.503 - Articles of organization. PDF RTF
§501A.504 - Amendment of articles. PDF RTF
§501A.505 - Existence. PDF RTF
§501A.506 - Bylaws. PDF RTF
§501A.507 - Cooperative records. PDF RTF
§501A.601 - Powers. PDF RTF
§501A.602 - Emergency powers. PDF RTF
§501A.603 - Agricultural commodities and products — marketing contracts. PDF RTF
§501A.701 - Board governs cooperative. PDF RTF
§501A.702 - Number of directors. PDF RTF
§501A.703 - Election of directors. PDF RTF
§501A.704 - Filling vacancies. PDF RTF
§501A.705 - Removal of directors. PDF RTF
§501A.706 - Board of directors’ meetings. PDF RTF
§501A.707 - Quorum. PDF RTF
§501A.708 - Action of board of directors. PDF RTF
§501A.709 - Action without a meeting. PDF RTF
§501A.710 - Audit committee. PDF RTF
§501A.711 - Committees. PDF RTF
§501A.712 - Standard of conduct. PDF RTF
§501A.713 - Director conflicts of interest. PDF RTF
§501A.714 - Limitation of liability of directors, officers, employees, members, and volunteers. PDF RTF
§501A.715 - Indemnification. PDF RTF
§501A.716 - Officers. PDF RTF
§501A.801 - Members. PDF RTF
§501A.802 - Member liability. PDF RTF
§501A.803 - Regular members’ meetings. PDF RTF
§501A.804 - Special members’ meetings. PDF RTF
§501A.805 - Certification of meeting notice. PDF RTF
§501A.806 - Quorum. PDF RTF
§501A.807 - Remote communications for members’ meetings. PDF RTF
§501A.808 - Action of members. PDF RTF
§501A.809 - Action without a meeting. PDF RTF
§501A.810 - Member voting rights. PDF RTF
§501A.811 - Patron member voting based on patronage. PDF RTF
§501A.812 - Voting rights. PDF RTF
§501A.813 - Voting by organizations and legal representatives. PDF RTF
§501A.814 - Proxies. PDF RTF
§501A.815 - Sale of property and assets. PDF RTF
§501A.816 - Vote of ownership interests held by cooperative. PDF RTF
§501A.901 - Membership interests. PDF RTF
§501A.902 - Assignment of financial rights. PDF RTF
§501A.903 - Nature of a membership interest and statement of interest owned. PDF RTF
§501A.904 - Certificated and uncertificated membership interests. PDF RTF
§501A.905 - Lost certificates — replacement. PDF RTF
§501A.906 - Restriction on transfer or registration of membership interests. PDF RTF
§501A.1001 - Authorization, form, and acceptance of contributions. PDF RTF
§501A.1002 - Restatement of value of previous contributions. PDF RTF
§501A.1003 - Contribution agreements. PDF RTF
§501A.1004 - Contribution rights agreements. PDF RTF
§501A.1005 - Allocations and distributions — profits, losses, cash, or other assets. PDF RTF
§501A.1006 - Allocations and distributions — net income. PDF RTF
§501A.1007 - Member control agreements. PDF RTF
§501A.1008 - Reversion of disbursements. PDF RTF
§501A.1101 - Merger and consolidation. PDF RTF
§501A.1102 - Merger of subsidiary. PDF RTF
§501A.1103 - Abandonment. PDF RTF
§501A.1104 - Conversion — amendment of organizational documents to be governed by this chapter. PDF RTF
§501A.1201 - Methods of dissolution. PDF RTF
§501A.1202 - Winding up. PDF RTF
§501A.1203 - Revocation of dissolution proceedings. PDF RTF
§501A.1204 - Statute of limitations. PDF RTF
§501A.1205 - Articles of dissolution. PDF RTF
§501A.1206 - Application for court-supervised voluntary dissolution. PDF RTF
§501A.1207 - Court-ordered remedies for dissolution. PDF RTF
§501A.1208 - Procedure in involuntary or court-supervised voluntary dissolution. PDF RTF
§501A.1209 - Receiver qualifications and powers. PDF RTF
§501A.1210 - Dissolution action by attorney general — administrative dissolution. PDF RTF
§501A.1211 - Filing claims in court-supervised dissolution proceedings. PDF RTF
§501A.1212 - Discontinuance of court-supervised dissolution proceedings. PDF RTF
§501A.1213 - Court-supervised dissolution order. PDF RTF
§501A.1214 - Filing court’s dissolution order. PDF RTF
§501A.1215 - Barring of claims. PDF RTF
§501A.1216 - Right to sue or defend after dissolution. PDF RTF