Iowa Code - 2016

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Chapter 499B - HORIZONTAL PROPERTY (CONDOMINIUMS) PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§499B.1 - Short title. PDF RTF
§499B.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§499B.3 - Recording of declaration to submit property to regime. PDF RTF
§499B.4 - Contents of declaration. PDF RTF
§499B.5 - Contents of deeds of apartments. PDF RTF
§499B.6 - Copy of the floor plans to be filed. PDF RTF
§499B.7 - Interest in common elements — reference to them in instrument. PDF RTF
§499B.8 - Removal from provisions of this chapter. PDF RTF
§499B.9 - Removal no bar to subsequent resubmission. PDF RTF
§499B.10 - Individual apartments and interest in common elements are alienable. PDF RTF
§499B.11 - Real property tax and special assessments — levy on each apartment. PDF RTF
§499B.12 - Liens against apartments — removal from lien — effect of part payment. PDF RTF
§499B.13 - Limitation upon availability of partition — exception as to limitation of partition by joint ownership. PDF RTF
§499B.14 - Bylaws. PDF RTF
§499B.15 - Contents of bylaws. PDF RTF
§499B.16 - Disposition of property — destruction or damage. PDF RTF
§499B.17 - Lien against owner of unit. PDF RTF
§499B.18 - Common expenses before foreclosure. PDF RTF
§499B.19 - Common expenses after voluntary conveyance. PDF RTF
§499B.20 - Conversions to meet building codes. PDF RTF
§499B.21 - Effect of documents and instruments. PDF RTF