Iowa Code - 2022

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Chapter 48A - VOTER REGISTRATION PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§48A.1 - Statement of intent. PDF RTF
§48A.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§48A.3 - Commissioner of registration. PDF RTF
§48A.4 - Qualification of officers. PDF RTF
§48A.5 - Voter qualifications. PDF RTF
§48A.5A - Determination of residence. PDF RTF
§48A.6 - Disqualified persons. PDF RTF
§48A.7 - Registration in person. PDF RTF
§48A.7A - Election day and in-person absentee registration. PDF RTF
§48A.8 - Registration by mail. PDF RTF
§48A.9 - Voter registration deadlines. PDF RTF
§48A.10 - Registration required. PDF RTF
§48A.10A - Voter identification cards — verification of voter registration information. PDF RTF
§48A.11 - Voter registration form. PDF RTF
§48A.12 - Federal mail voter registration form. PDF RTF
§48A.13 - Electronic signatures on voter registration records. PDF RTF
§48A.14 - Challenges of voter registrations. PDF RTF
§48A.15 - Commissioner’s action upon receipt of challenge or withdrawal. PDF RTF
§48A.16 - Hearing on challenge — appeal. PDF RTF
§48A.17 - Registration at commissioner’s office. PDF RTF
§48A.18 - Voter registration at motor vehicle driver’s license stations. PDF RTF
§48A.19 - Voter registration agencies. PDF RTF
§48A.20 - Prohibited acts by voter registration agency employees. PDF RTF
§48A.21 - Transmission of forms from agencies and driver’s license stations. PDF RTF
§48A.22 - Voter registration by volunteer organizations. PDF RTF
§48A.23 - Registration at educational institutions. PDF RTF
§48A.24 - Deadline for submitting voter registration forms. PDF RTF
§48A.25 - Compensation for assistance in completing registration forms. PDF RTF
§48A.25A - Verification of voter registration information. PDF RTF
§48A.26 - Acknowledgment of registration form. PDF RTF
§48A.26A - Acknowledgment of election day and in-person absentee registration form. PDF RTF
§48A.26B - Form of acknowledgment. PDF RTF
§48A.27 - Changes to voter registration records. PDF RTF
§48A.27A - Voting more than once — referral and examination. PDF RTF
§48A.28 - Systematic confirmation program. PDF RTF
§48A.29 - Procedure upon return of confirmation card. PDF RTF
§48A.30 - Cancellation of voter registration. PDF RTF
§48A.31 - Deceased persons record. PDF RTF
§48A.32 - Destruction or removal of canceled voter registration records. PDF RTF
§48A.33 - Declination of registration opportunity. PDF RTF
§48A.34 - Confidentiality of certain records. PDF RTF
§48A.35 - Voter registration records under control of the commissioner. PDF RTF
§48A.36 - Electronic registration record retention in voter registration agencies. PDF RTF
§48A.37 - Electronic registration records. PDF RTF
§48A.38 - Lists of voters. PDF RTF
§48A.39 - Use of registration information. PDF RTF
§48A.40 - Voter list maintenance reports. PDF RTF
§48A.41 - Voter registration maintenance audits — investigations. PDF RTF