Iowa Code - 2018

Title XI - NATURAL RESOURCES | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 464A - DAMS AND SPILLWAYS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§464A.1 - Resolution of necessity. PDF RTF
§464A.1A - Definitions. PDF RTF
§464A.2 - Expert plan. PDF RTF
§464A.3 - Hearing — damages. PDF RTF
§464A.4 - Adoption of plan. PDF RTF
§464A.5 - Appraisal of damages. PDF RTF
§464A.6 - Filing appraisement. PDF RTF
§464A.7 - Damages determined. PDF RTF
§464A.8 - Judicial review — bond. PDF RTF
§464A.9 - Final determination and costs. PDF RTF
§464A.10 - Tentative plan. PDF RTF
§464A.11 - Water trails and low head dam public hazard statewide plan. PDF RTF