Iowa Code - 2018

Title XI - NATURAL RESOURCES | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 462B - PROTECTED WATER AREA SYSTEM PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
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§462B.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§462B.2 - State plan. PDF RTF
§462B.3 - Nomination of prospective protected water areas. PDF RTF
§462B.4 - Prospective designation. PDF RTF
§462B.5 - Prospective designation public hearing. PDF RTF
§462B.6 - Management plan. PDF RTF
§462B.7 - Management plan public hearing. PDF RTF
§462B.8 - Designation. PDF RTF
§462B.9 - Protection methods. PDF RTF
§462B.10 - Landowner cooperation. PDF RTF
§462B.11 - Judicial review. PDF RTF
§462B.12 - Local tax reimbursement. PDF RTF
§462B.13 - Interagency cooperation. PDF RTF
§462B.14 - Management cooperation with local government subdivisions. PDF RTF
§462B.15 - Part of a national system. PDF RTF
§462B.16 - Departmental rules. PDF RTF