Iowa Code - 2018

Title XI - NATURAL RESOURCES | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 458A - OIL, GAS, AND OTHER MINERALS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§458A.1 - Declaration of policy. PDF RTF
§458A.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§458A.3 - Waste prohibited. PDF RTF
§458A.4 - Duties and powers of director. PDF RTF
§458A.5 - Drilling permit required. PDF RTF
§458A.6 - Department shall determine market demand and regulate the amount of production. PDF RTF
§458A.7 - Department shall set spacing units. PDF RTF
§458A.8 - Integration of fractional tracts. PDF RTF
§458A.9 - Voluntary agreements for unit operation valid. PDF RTF
§458A.10 - Liens for development and operating costs. PDF RTF
§458A.11 - Rules covering practice before department. PDF RTF
§458A.12 - Summoning witnesses, administering oaths, requiring production of records — hearing examiners appointed. PDF RTF
§458A.13 PDF RTF
§458A.14 - Appeal to district court — procedure of appeal. PDF RTF
§458A.15 - Acquisition and handling illegal oil and gas prohibited — seizure of illegal oil and gas and sale thereof. PDF RTF
§458A.16 - Penalties. PDF RTF
§458A.17 - Action to restrain violation or threatened violation. PDF RTF
§458A.18 - Mineral rights taxed separately. PDF RTF
§458A.19 - Rate. PDF RTF
§458A.20 - Tax sale — redemption by owner. PDF RTF
§458A.21 - Lease of public lands. PDF RTF
§458A.22 - Duty to have forfeited lease released — affidavit of noncompliance — notice to landowner — remedies. PDF RTF
§458A.23 - Action to obtain release — damages, costs and attorney fees — attachment. PDF RTF
§458A.24 - Extension upon contingency — affidavit. PDF RTF
§458A.25 - Liens for labor or materials and of contractor and subcontractor — manner of perfecting liens — enforcement of liens. PDF RTF