Iowa Code - 2018

Title XI - NATURAL RESOURCES | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 455H - LAND RECYCLING AND REMEDIATION STANDARDS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§455H.101 - Short title. PDF RTF
§455H.102 - Scope. PDF RTF
§455H.103 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§455H.104 - Declaration of policy. PDF RTF
§455H.105 - Duties of the commission. PDF RTF
§455H.106 - Duties of the department. PDF RTF
§455H.107 - Land recycling program. PDF RTF
§455H.201 - Cleanup standards. PDF RTF
§455H.202 - Background standards. PDF RTF
§455H.203 - Statewide standards. PDF RTF
§455H.204 - Site-specific cleanup standards. PDF RTF
§455H.205 - Variances. PDF RTF
§455H.206 - Institutional and technological controls. PDF RTF
§455H.207 - Response action — permitting requirements. PDF RTF
§455H.208 - Public participation. PDF RTF
§455H.301 - No further action letters. PDF RTF
§455H.302 - Covenants not to sue. PDF RTF
§455H.303 - Cessation of statutory liability. PDF RTF
§455H.304 - Limitation of liability. PDF RTF
§455H.305 - Participation not deemed an admission of liability. PDF RTF
§455H.306 - Liability protections. PDF RTF
§455H.307 - Liability — new release — condition outside affected area. PDF RTF
§455H.308 - Relationship to federal law. PDF RTF
§455H.309 - Incremental property taxes. PDF RTF
§455H.401 - Land recycling fund. PDF RTF
§455H.501 PDF RTF
§455H.502 PDF RTF
§455H.503 - Recordkeeping requirements. PDF RTF
§455H.504 - Transferability of participation benefits. PDF RTF
§455H.505 - Emergency response. PDF RTF
§455H.506 - Interim response. PDF RTF
§455H.507 - Transition from existing programs. PDF RTF
§455H.508 - Participant protection. PDF RTF
§455H.509 - Removal of a site from the registry listing. PDF RTF
§455H.510 - Relationship to federal programs. PDF RTF
§455H.511 - Federal stringency. PDF RTF