Iowa Code - 2017

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Chapter 455A - DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
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§455A.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§455A.2 - Department of natural resources. PDF RTF
§455A.3 - Director — qualifications. PDF RTF
§455A.4 - General powers and duties of the director. PDF RTF
§455A.5 - Natural resource commission — appointment and duties. PDF RTF
§455A.6 - Environmental protection commission — appointment and duties. PDF RTF
§455A.7 - Creation of divisions, bureaus, and other administrative entities — deputy director — administrators. PDF RTF
§455A.8 - Brushy creek recreation trails advisory board. PDF RTF
§455A.8A - Brushy creek recreation area — trail improvements. PDF RTF
§455A.9 - Fees — publications. PDF RTF
§455A.10 - State fish and game protection fund — capital projects and contingencies. PDF RTF
§455A.11 - Preferences in temporary employment. PDF RTF
§455A.12 - Gift certificates for special privilege fees at state parks and recreation areas. PDF RTF
§455A.13 - State nurseries. PDF RTF
§455A.14 PDF RTF
§455A.15 - Legislative findings. PDF RTF
§455A.16 - State resource enhancement policy. PDF RTF
§455A.17 - Iowa congress on resources enhancement and protection. PDF RTF
§455A.17A PDF RTF
§455A.18 - Iowa resources enhancement and protection fund — audits. PDF RTF
§455A.19 - Allocation of fund proceeds. PDF RTF
§455A.20 - County resource enhancement committee. PDF RTF
§455A.21 - Conservation education program board. PDF RTF