Iowa Code - 2023

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Chapter 427C - FOREST AND FRUIT-TREE RESERVATIONS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§427C.1 - Tax exemption. PDF RTF
§427C.2 - Reservations. PDF RTF
§427C.3 - Forest reservation. PDF RTF
§427C.4 - Removal of trees. PDF RTF
§427C.5 - Forest trees. PDF RTF
§427C.6 - Groves. PDF RTF
§427C.7 - Fruit-tree reservation — duration of exemption. PDF RTF
§427C.8 - Fruit trees. PDF RTF
§427C.9 - Replacing trees. PDF RTF
§427C.10 - Restraint of livestock and limitation on use. PDF RTF
§427C.11 - Penalty. PDF RTF
§427C.12 - Application — inspection — continuation of exemption — recapture of tax. PDF RTF
§427C.13 - Report to department of natural resources. PDF RTF