Iowa Code - 2019

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Chapter 358C - REAL ESTATE IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§358C.1 - Legislative findings — purpose — definitions. PDF RTF
§358C.2 PDF RTF
§358C.3 - Real estate improvement district created. PDF RTF
§358C.4 - Public improvements authorized. PDF RTF
§358C.5 - Date and notice of hearing. PDF RTF
§358C.6 - Hearing of petition and order. PDF RTF
§358C.7 - Notice of election. PDF RTF
§358C.8 - Election. PDF RTF
§358C.9 - Expenses and costs of election. PDF RTF
§358C.10 - Selection of trustees — term of office. PDF RTF
§358C.11 - Trustee’s bond. PDF RTF
§358C.12 - Real estate improvement district to be a body corporate — eminent domain. PDF RTF
§358C.13 - Board of trustees — powers — prohibited actions. PDF RTF
§358C.14 - Taxes — power to levy — tax sales. PDF RTF
§358C.15 - Rentals and charges. PDF RTF
§358C.16 - Debt limit — borrowing — bonds — purposes. PDF RTF
§358C.17 - Special assessments. PDF RTF
§358C.18 - Additional territory. PDF RTF
§358C.19 - Annexation by a city. PDF RTF
§358C.20 - Effective date of merger. PDF RTF
§358C.21 - Dissolution of district. PDF RTF
§358C.22 - Detachment of land. PDF RTF
§358C.23 - Chapter liberally construed. PDF RTF
§358C.24 - Disclosure of special assessment. PDF RTF