Iowa Code - 2019

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Chapter 357A - RURAL WATER SERVICE PROVIDERS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§357A.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§357A.2 - Petition — deposit — limitation. PDF RTF
§357A.3 - Hearing after filing with auditor. PDF RTF
§357A.4 - Notice. PDF RTF
§357A.5 - Appearances. PDF RTF
§357A.6 - Findings — order. PDF RTF
§357A.7 - Meeting of members. PDF RTF
§357A.8 - Bylaws submitted at special meeting. PDF RTF
§357A.9 - Members divided into classes. PDF RTF
§357A.10 - Board meetings. PDF RTF
§357A.11 - Board’s powers and duties. PDF RTF
§357A.11A - Customer records. PDF RTF
§357A.12 - Plans, specifications, and procedures. PDF RTF
§357A.13 - Selling water. PDF RTF
§357A.14 - Attaching to district — inclusion of city — merger. PDF RTF
§357A.15 - Taxing prohibited — refunds. PDF RTF
§357A.16 - Detaching real property from district. PDF RTF
§357A.17 - Inactive district dissolved. PDF RTF
§357A.18 - Hearing. PDF RTF
§357A.19 - Not exempt from other requirements. PDF RTF
§357A.20 - Alternate operation by nonprofit corporation. PDF RTF
§357A.21 - Annexation of land by a city — mediation — arbitration. PDF RTF
§357A.22 - Personal liability. PDF RTF
§357A.22A - Rural fire protection program — liability. PDF RTF
§357A.23 - City sewer and water franchise authorized. PDF RTF
§357A.24 - Detachment and attachment of areas between districts. PDF RTF
§357A.25 - Property not security for debt. PDF RTF