Iowa Code - 2023

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Chapter 321A - MOTOR VEHICLE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§321A.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§321A.2 - Department to administer chapter — judicial review. PDF RTF
§321A.3 - Abstract of operating record — fees to be charged and disposition of fees. PDF RTF
§321A.4 - Effect of failure to report accidents. PDF RTF
§321A.5 - Security required following accident — exceptions. PDF RTF
§321A.6 - Exceptions to requirement of security. PDF RTF
§321A.7 - Duration of suspension. PDF RTF
§321A.8 - Application to unlicensed drivers and unregistered motor vehicles. PDF RTF
§321A.9 - Form and amount of security. PDF RTF
§321A.10 - Custody, disposition, and return of security. PDF RTF
§321A.11 - Matters not to be evidence in civil suits. PDF RTF
§321A.12 - Courts to report nonpayment of judgments. PDF RTF
§321A.13 - Suspension for nonpayment of judgments — exceptions. PDF RTF
§321A.14 - Suspension to continue until judgments paid and proof given. PDF RTF
§321A.15 - Payments sufficient to satisfy requirements. PDF RTF
§321A.16 - Installment payment of judgments — default. PDF RTF
§321A.17 - Proof required upon certain convictions. PDF RTF
§321A.18 - Alternate methods of giving proof. PDF RTF
§321A.19 - Certificate of insurance as proof. PDF RTF
§321A.20 - Certificate furnished by nonresident as proof. PDF RTF
§321A.21 - “Motor vehicle liability policy” defined. PDF RTF
§321A.22 - Notice of cancellation or termination of certified policy. PDF RTF
§321A.23 - Chapter not to affect other policies. PDF RTF
§321A.24 - Bond as proof. PDF RTF
§321A.25 - Certificate of deposit as proof. PDF RTF
§321A.26 - Owner may give proof for others. PDF RTF
§321A.27 - Substitution of proof. PDF RTF
§321A.28 - Other proof may be required. PDF RTF
§321A.29 - Duration of proof — when proof may be canceled or returned. PDF RTF
§321A.30 - Rights not affected. PDF RTF
§321A.31 - Surrender of license and registration. PDF RTF
§321A.32 - Other violations — penalties. PDF RTF
§321A.32A - Civil penalty — disposition — reinstatement. PDF RTF
§321A.33 - Exceptions. PDF RTF
§321A.34 - Self-insurers. PDF RTF
§321A.35 PDF RTF
§321A.36 - Chapter not to prevent other process. PDF RTF
§321A.37 - Uniformity of interpretation. PDF RTF
§321A.38 - Title of chapter. PDF RTF
§321A.39 - Liability insurance — statement. PDF RTF