Iowa Code - 2023

Title VIII - TRANSPORTATION | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 313A - INTERSTATE BRIDGES PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§313A.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§313A.2 - Bridge to be controlled by department. PDF RTF
§313A.3 - Toll bridges constructed over boundary rivers. PDF RTF
§313A.4 - Investigation of feasibility. PDF RTF
§313A.5 - Acquiring existing bridge — bonds. PDF RTF
§313A.6 - Rules adopted — financial statements. PDF RTF
§313A.7 - Resolution of public interest and necessity — revenue bonds. PDF RTF
§313A.8 - Right-of-way secured. PDF RTF
§313A.9 - Consent to cross state property. PDF RTF
§313A.10 - Resolution precedent to action. PDF RTF
§313A.11 - Payment from available funds. PDF RTF
§313A.12 - Revenue bonds. PDF RTF
§313A.13 - Sale and exchange or retirement of bonds. PDF RTF
§313A.14 - Proceeds in trust fund. PDF RTF
§313A.15 - Toll revenue fund. PDF RTF
§313A.16 - Funds transferred to place of payment. PDF RTF
§313A.17 - Warrants for payment. PDF RTF
§313A.18 - Depositaries or paying agents. PDF RTF
§313A.19 - Expenses of department. PDF RTF
§313A.20 - No diminution of duties while bonds outstanding. PDF RTF
§313A.21 - Insurance or indemnity bond. PDF RTF
§313A.22 - Toll charges fixed by department. PDF RTF
§313A.23 - Political subdivision may aid. PDF RTF
§313A.24 - Sale of excess land to political subdivisions. PDF RTF
§313A.25 - Sale to public. PDF RTF
§313A.26 - Acceptance or rejection of bids. PDF RTF
§313A.27 - Franchises for use of bridge. PDF RTF
§313A.28 - Deposit of proceeds. PDF RTF
§313A.29 - Tolls imposed for improving other bridges. PDF RTF
§313A.30 - Bridges as part of primary roads. PDF RTF
§313A.31 - Revenue bonds. PDF RTF
§313A.32 - Operation and control of bridge. PDF RTF
§313A.33 - No obligation of state. PDF RTF
§313A.34 - Agreements with other states. PDF RTF
§313A.35 PDF RTF
§313A.36 - Purposes of powers granted. PDF RTF
§313A.37 - Failure to pay toll — penalty. PDF RTF
§313A.38 - Independent of any other law. PDF RTF
§313A.39 - Construction. PDF RTF