Iowa Code - 2023

Title VIII - TRANSPORTATION | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 306A - CONTROLLED-ACCESS HIGHWAYS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§306A.1 - Declaration of policy. PDF RTF
§306A.2 - Definition of a controlled-access facility. PDF RTF
§306A.3 - Authority to establish controlled-access facilities — utility accommodation policy. PDF RTF
§306A.4 - Design of controlled-access facility. PDF RTF
§306A.5 - Acquisition of property and property rights. PDF RTF
§306A.6 - New and existing facilities — grade-crossing eliminations. PDF RTF
§306A.7 - Authority of local units to consent. PDF RTF
§306A.8 - Local service roads. PDF RTF
§306A.9 PDF RTF
§306A.10 - Notice to relocate — costs paid. PDF RTF
§306A.11 - What costs included. PDF RTF
§306A.12 - Limitation on reimbursement. PDF RTF
§306A.13 - Definition. PDF RTF