Iowa Code - 2023

Chapter 29C - EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AND SECURITY PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§29C.1 - Statement of policy. PDF RTF
§29C.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§29C.3 - Proclamation of state of public disorder by governor. PDF RTF
§29C.4 - Judicial protections. PDF RTF
§29C.5 - Department of homeland security and emergency management. PDF RTF
§29C.6 - Proclamation of disaster emergency by governor. PDF RTF
§29C.7 - Hazard mitigation financial assistance. PDF RTF
§29C.8 - Powers and duties of director. PDF RTF
§29C.8A - Emergency response fund created. PDF RTF
§29C.9 - Local emergency management commissions. PDF RTF
§29C.10 - Emergency management coordinator. PDF RTF
§29C.11 - Local mutual aid arrangements. PDF RTF
§29C.12 - Use of existing facilities. PDF RTF
§29C.12A - Participation in funding disaster recovery facility. PDF RTF
§29C.13 - Funds by grants or gifts. PDF RTF
§29C.14 - Director of the department of administrative services to issue warrants. PDF RTF
§29C.15 - Tax-exempt purchases. PDF RTF
§29C.16 - Prohibited political activities. PDF RTF
§29C.17 - Local emergency management fund. PDF RTF
§29C.17A - Mass notification and emergency messaging system fund. PDF RTF
§29C.18 - Enforcement duties. PDF RTF
§29C.19 - Rules and order exempted. PDF RTF
§29C.20 - Contingent fund — disaster aid. PDF RTF
§29C.20A - Disaster aid individual assistance grant fund. PDF RTF
§29C.20B - Disaster case management grant fund and program. PDF RTF
§29C.20C - Immunity — licensed architects and professional engineers. PDF RTF
§29C.21 - Emergency management assistance compact. PDF RTF
§29C.22 - Statewide mutual aid compact. PDF RTF
§29C.23 - Statewide interoperable communications system. PDF RTF
§29C.24 - Facilitating business rapid response to state-declared disasters Act. PDF RTF
§29C.25 - Firearms and ammunition — limitations — exceptions — remedies. PDF RTF