Iowa Code - 2019

Chapter 28J - PORT AUTHORITIES PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§28J.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§28J.2 - Creation and powers of port authority. PDF RTF
§28J.3 - Appropriation and expenditure of public funds — dissolution. PDF RTF
§28J.4 - Joining an existing port authority. PDF RTF
§28J.5 - Membership of board of directors. PDF RTF
§28J.6 - Civil immunity of directors. PDF RTF
§28J.7 - Employees, advisory board, peace officers. PDF RTF
§28J.8 - Area of jurisdiction. PDF RTF
§28J.9 - Powers of port authority. PDF RTF
§28J.10 - Participation of private enterprise. PDF RTF
§28J.11 - Provisions do not affect other laws or powers. PDF RTF
§28J.12 - Conveyance, lease, or exchange of public property. PDF RTF
§28J.13 - Annual budget — use of rents and charges. PDF RTF
§28J.14 - Secretary to furnish bond — deposit and disbursement of funds. PDF RTF
§28J.15 - Limitation on certain powers of political subdivisions. PDF RTF
§28J.16 - Rentals or charges for use or services of facilities — agreements with governmental agencies. PDF RTF
§28J.17 - Contracts, arrangements, and agreements. PDF RTF
§28J.18 - Revenue bonds are lawful investments. PDF RTF
§28J.19 - Property tax exemption. PDF RTF
§28J.20 - Loans for acquisition or construction of facility — sale of facility — power to encumber property. PDF RTF
§28J.21 - Issuance of revenue and refunding bonds and pledge orders. PDF RTF
§28J.22 - Bonds may be secured by trust agreement. PDF RTF
§28J.23 - Remedy of holder of bond or coupon — statute of limitations. PDF RTF
§28J.24 - Bonds are payable solely from revenues and funds pledged for payment. PDF RTF
§28J.25 - Funds and property held in trust — use and deposit of funds. PDF RTF
§28J.26 - Investment of excess funds. PDF RTF
§28J.27 - Change in location of public way, railroad, or utility facility — vacation of highway. PDF RTF
§28J.28 - Final actions to be recorded — annual report — confidentiality of information. PDF RTF
§28J.29 - Provisions to be liberally construed. PDF RTF