Iowa Code - 2021

Chapter 260C - COMMUNITY COLLEGES PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
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§260C.1 - Statement of policy. PDF RTF
§260C.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§260C.3 - State board for community colleges. PDF RTF
§260C.4 - Duties of state board. PDF RTF
§260C.5 - Duties of director. PDF RTF
§260C.6 - Community colleges division in department. PDF RTF
§260C.7 PDF RTF
§260C.8 PDF RTF
§260C.9 PDF RTF
§260C.10 PDF RTF
§260C.11 - Governing board. PDF RTF
§260C.12 - Directors of merged area. PDF RTF
§260C.13 - Director districts. PDF RTF
§260C.14 - Authority of directors. PDF RTF
§260C.14A - Limitation on authority — nonprojectile high-voltage pulse weapons designed to immobilize. PDF RTF
§260C.15 - Conduct of elections. PDF RTF
§260C.16 - Status of merged area. PDF RTF
§260C.17 - Preparation and approval of budget — tax. PDF RTF
§260C.18 - Other funds received. PDF RTF
§260C.18A - Workforce training and economic development funds. PDF RTF
§260C.18B - Community college budget review. PDF RTF
§260C.18C - State aid distribution formula. PDF RTF
§260C.18D - Instructor salary distribution formula. PDF RTF
§260C.19 - Acquisition of sites and buildings. PDF RTF
§260C.19A - Motor vehicles required to operate on alternative fuels. PDF RTF
§260C.19B - Purchase of biobased hydraulic fluids, greases, and other industrial lubricants. PDF RTF
§260C.19C - Purchase of designated biobased products. PDF RTF
§260C.20 - Payment of bonds. PDF RTF
§260C.21 - Election to incur indebtedness. PDF RTF
§260C.22 - Facilities levy by vote — borrowing — temporary cash reserve levy. PDF RTF
§260C.23 PDF RTF
§260C.24 - Payment of appropriations. PDF RTF
§260C.25 PDF RTF
§260C.26 PDF RTF
§260C.27 PDF RTF
§260C.28 - Tax for equipment replacement and program sharing. PDF RTF
§260C.29 - Academic incentives for minorities program — mission. PDF RTF
§260C.30 PDF RTF
§260C.31 - Auxiliary enterprises. PDF RTF
§260C.32 - Trusts. PDF RTF
§260C.33 - Joint action with board of regents. PDF RTF
§260C.34 - Uses of funds. PDF RTF
§260C.35 - Limitation on land. PDF RTF
§260C.36 - Quality faculty plan. PDF RTF
§260C.37 - Membership in association of school boards. PDF RTF
§260C.38 - Lease agreements for space. PDF RTF
§260C.39 - Combining merged areas — election. PDF RTF
§260C.40 - Prohibition of controlled substances. PDF RTF
§260C.41 PDF RTF
§260C.42 - Payment of expenses. PDF RTF
§260C.43 - Claims. PDF RTF
§260C.44 - Apprenticeship programs. PDF RTF
§260C.45 - Quality instructional centers. PDF RTF
§260C.46 - Program and administrative sharing. PDF RTF
§260C.47 - Accreditation of community college programs. PDF RTF
§260C.48 - Standards for accrediting community college programs. PDF RTF
§260C.49 - Rules. PDF RTF
§260C.50 - Adult education and literacy programs. PDF RTF
§260C.51 PDF RTF
§260C.52 PDF RTF
§260C.53 PDF RTF
§260C.54 PDF RTF
§260C.55 PDF RTF
§260C.56 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§260C.57 - Authorization — contracts — title. PDF RTF
§260C.58 - Bonds or notes. PDF RTF
§260C.59 - Rates and terms of bonds or notes. PDF RTF
§260C.60 - Issuance resolution. PDF RTF
§260C.61 - Rates, fees, and rentals — pledge. PDF RTF
§260C.62 - Accounts. PDF RTF
§260C.63 - No obligation against state. PDF RTF
§260C.64 - Who may invest. PDF RTF
§260C.65 - Federal or other aid accepted. PDF RTF
§260C.66 - Reports to general assembly. PDF RTF
§260C.67 - Alternative method. PDF RTF
§260C.68 - Prior action legalized. PDF RTF
§260C.69 - Dormitory space priority. PDF RTF
§260C.70 - Ten-year program and two-year bonding estimate submitted each year. PDF RTF
§260C.71 - Community college bond program — definitions — funding — bonds and notes. PDF RTF
§260C.72 - Security — reserve funds — pledges — nonliability. PDF RTF
§260C.73 - Rules. PDF RTF