Iowa Code - 2022

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Chapter 252B - CHILD SUPPORT RECOVERY PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§252B.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§252B.2 - Unit established — intervention. PDF RTF
§252B.3 - Duty of department to enforce child support — cooperation — rules. PDF RTF
§252B.4 - Nonassistance cases. PDF RTF
§252B.5 - Services of unit. PDF RTF
§252B.6 - Additional services in assistance cases. PDF RTF
§252B.6A - External services. PDF RTF
§252B.7 - Legal services. PDF RTF
§252B.7A - Determining parent’s income. PDF RTF
§252B.7B - Informational materials provided by the unit. PDF RTF
§252B.8 - Central information center. PDF RTF
§252B.9 - Information and assistance from others — availability of records. PDF RTF
§252B.9A - Disclosure of confidential information — authorized person — court. PDF RTF
§252B.10 - Criminal penalties. PDF RTF
§252B.11 - Recovery of costs of collection services. PDF RTF
§252B.12 - Jurisdiction over nonresidents. PDF RTF
§252B.13 PDF RTF
§252B.13A - Collection services center. PDF RTF
§252B.14 - Support payments — collection services center or comparable government entity in another state — clerk of the district court. PDF RTF
§252B.15 - Processing and disbursement of support payments. PDF RTF
§252B.16 - Transfer of support order processing responsibilities — ongoing procedures. PDF RTF
§252B.17 - Admissibility and identification of support payment records. PDF RTF
§252B.17A - Imaging or photographic copies — originals destroyed. PDF RTF
§252B.18 - Child support advisory committee — established — duties. PDF RTF
§252B.19 PDF RTF
§252B.20 - Suspension of support — request by mutual consent. PDF RTF
§252B.20A - Suspension of support — request by one party. PDF RTF
§252B.21 - Administrative seek employment orders. PDF RTF
§252B.22 - Liens — motor vehicle registration — task force. PDF RTF
§252B.23 - Surcharge. PDF RTF
§252B.24 - State case registry. PDF RTF
§252B.25 - Contempt — combining actions. PDF RTF
§252B.26 - Service of process. PDF RTF
§252B.27 - Use of funding for additional positions. PDF RTF