Iowa Code - 2021

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Chapter 239B - FAMILY INVESTMENT PROGRAM PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§239B.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§239B.2 - Conditions of eligibility. PDF RTF
§239B.2A - School attendance. PDF RTF
§239B.2B - Eligibility of noncitizens. PDF RTF
§239B.2C - Absence from home — incarceration. PDF RTF
§239B.3 - Cash assistance. PDF RTF
§239B.4 - Departmental role. PDF RTF
§239B.5 - Compliance with federal law — prohibited electronic benefit transfer transactions. PDF RTF
§239B.6 - Assignment of support rights or benefits. PDF RTF
§239B.7 - Income and resource exemptions, deductions, and disregards. PDF RTF
§239B.8 - Family investment agreements. PDF RTF
§239B.9 - Limited benefit plan. PDF RTF
§239B.10 - Minor and young parents — other requirements. PDF RTF
§239B.11 - Family investment program account — diversion program subaccount — diversion program. PDF RTF
§239B.11A - Transitional benefits. PDF RTF
§239B.12 - Immunization. PDF RTF
§239B.13 - Needy relative payee — protective payee — vendor payment. PDF RTF
§239B.14 - Fraudulent practices — recovery of overpayments. PDF RTF
§239B.15 - County attorney to enforce. PDF RTF
§239B.16 - Appeal — judicial review. PDF RTF
§239B.17 - PROMISE JOBS program. PDF RTF
§239B.18 - JOBS program participation. PDF RTF
§239B.19 - JOBS program availability. PDF RTF
§239B.20 - JOBS program health and safety. PDF RTF
§239B.21 - JOBS program — workers’ compensation law applicable. PDF RTF
§239B.22 - JOBS program — participant not state employee. PDF RTF
§239B.23 - Child day care provisions. PDF RTF
§239B.24 - State child care assistance eligibility. PDF RTF