Iowa Code - 2022

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Chapter 233A - TRAINING SCHOOL PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§233A.1 - State training school — Eldora. PDF RTF
§233A.2 - Superintendent — powers and duties. PDF RTF
§233A.3 - Salary. PDF RTF
§233A.4 - Education and training. PDF RTF
§233A.5 - Procedure to commit. PDF RTF
§233A.6 - Visits. PDF RTF
§233A.7 - Placing in families. PDF RTF
§233A.8 - Articles of agreement. PDF RTF
§233A.9 - Resuming custody of child. PDF RTF
§233A.10 - Unlawful interference. PDF RTF
§233A.11 - County attorney to appear for child. PDF RTF
§233A.12 - Discharge or parole. PDF RTF
§233A.13 - Binding out or discharge. PDF RTF
§233A.14 - Transfers to other institutions. PDF RTF
§233A.15 - Transfers to work in parks. PDF RTF
§233A.16 PDF RTF
§233A.17 - Cost of care. PDF RTF