Iowa Code - 2018

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Chapter 231E - SUBSTITUTE DECISION MAKER ACT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§231E.1 - Title. PDF RTF
§231E.2 - Office of substitute decision maker — findings and intent. PDF RTF
§231E.3 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§231E.4 - State office of substitute decision maker — established — duties — department rules. PDF RTF
§231E.5 - Local office of substitute decision maker — requirements for state and local substitute decision makers. PDF RTF
§231E.6 - Court-initiated or petition-initiated appointment of state or local substitute decision maker — guardianship or conservatorship — discharge. PDF RTF
§231E.7 - Substitute decision maker-initiated appointment — interventions. PDF RTF
§231E.8 - Provisions applicable to all appointments and designations — discharge. PDF RTF
§231E.9 - Fees — appropriated. PDF RTF
§231E.10 - Conflicts of interest — limitations. PDF RTF
§231E.11 - Duty of attorney general, county attorney, or other counsel. PDF RTF
§231E.12 - Liability. PDF RTF
§231E.13 - Implementation. PDF RTF