Iowa Code - 2022

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Chapter 231C - ASSISTED LIVING PROGRAMS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§231C.1 - Findings, purpose, and intent. PDF RTF
§231C.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§231C.3 - Certification of assisted living programs. PDF RTF
§231C.3A - Monitoring — conflicts of interest. PDF RTF
§231C.4 - Fire and safety standards. PDF RTF
§231C.5 - Written occupancy agreement required. PDF RTF
§231C.5A - Assessment of tenants — program eligibility. PDF RTF
§231C.6 - Involuntary transfer. PDF RTF
§231C.7 - Complaints. PDF RTF
§231C.8 - Exit interview — issuance of findings. PDF RTF
§231C.9 - Disclosure of findings. PDF RTF
§231C.9A - Informal conference — formal contest — judicial review. PDF RTF
§231C.10 - Denial, suspension, or revocation — conditional operation. PDF RTF
§231C.11 - Notice — appeal — emergency provisions. PDF RTF
§231C.11A - Voluntary cessation of program operations — decertification. PDF RTF
§231C.12 - Department notified of casualties. PDF RTF
§231C.13 - Retaliation by assisted living program prohibited. PDF RTF
§231C.14 - Civil penalties. PDF RTF
§231C.15 - Criminal penalties and injunctive relief. PDF RTF
§231C.16 - Nursing assistant and medication aide — certification. PDF RTF
§231C.16A - Medication setup — administration and storage of medications. PDF RTF
§231C.17 - Coordination of the long-term care system — transitional provisions. PDF RTF
§231C.18 - Iowa assisted living fees. PDF RTF
§231C.19 - Application of landlord and tenant Act. PDF RTF
§231C.20 - Limitation on penalties. PDF RTF
§231C.21 - Certification list to county commissioner of elections. PDF RTF