Iowa Code - 2021

Title VI - HUMAN SERVICES | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 229A - COMMITMENT OF SEXUALLY VIOLENT PREDATORS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§229A.1 - Legislative findings. PDF RTF
§229A.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§229A.3 - Notice of discharge of sexually violent predator — immunity from liability — multidisciplinary team — prosecutor’s review committee — assessment of person. PDF RTF
§229A.4 - Petition — time — contents. PDF RTF
§229A.5 - Person taken into custody — determination of probable cause — hearing — evaluation. PDF RTF
§229A.5A - Powers of investigative personnel before a petition is filed. PDF RTF
§229A.5B - Escape from custody — penalty. PDF RTF
§229A.5C - Criminal offenses committed while detained or subject to an order of commitment. PDF RTF
§229A.5D - Medical treatment. PDF RTF
§229A.6 - Counsel and experts — indigent persons. PDF RTF
§229A.6A - Transport orders. PDF RTF
§229A.7 - Trial — determination — commitment procedure — chapter 28E agreements — mistrials. PDF RTF
§229A.8 - Annual examinations and review — discharge or transitional release petitions by persons committed. PDF RTF
§229A.8A - Transitional release. PDF RTF
§229A.8B - Violations of transitional release. PDF RTF
§229A.9 - Detention and commitment to conform to constitutional requirements. PDF RTF
§229A.9A - Release with supervision. PDF RTF
§229A.9B - Violations of release with supervision. PDF RTF
§229A.10 - Petition for discharge — procedure. PDF RTF
§229A.11 - Subsequent discharge or transitional release petitions — limitations. PDF RTF
§229A.12 - Director of human services — responsibility for costs — reimbursement. PDF RTF
§229A.12A - Director of the department of corrections — responsibility for safekeeper. PDF RTF
§229A.13 - Severability. PDF RTF
§229A.14 - Release of confidential or privileged information and records. PDF RTF
§229A.15 - Court records — sealed and opened by court order. PDF RTF
§229A.15A - Civil protective order. PDF RTF
§229A.15B - Rulemaking authority. PDF RTF
§229A.16 - Short title. PDF RTF