Iowa Code - 2022

Title VI - HUMAN SERVICES | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 216C - RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§216C.1 - Participation by persons with disabilities. PDF RTF
§216C.1A - Definitions. PDF RTF
§216C.2 - Public employment. PDF RTF
§216C.3 - Free use of public facilities. PDF RTF
§216C.4 - Accommodations. PDF RTF
§216C.5 - Use of guide dogs. PDF RTF
§216C.6 - Failure to use cane or dog not negligence. PDF RTF
§216C.7 - Penalty for denying rights. PDF RTF
§216C.8 - White cane safety day. PDF RTF
§216C.9 - Curb ramps and sloped areas for persons with disabilities. PDF RTF
§216C.10 - Use of hearing dog. PDF RTF
§216C.11 - Service animals and service-animals-in-training — penalty. PDF RTF
§216C.12 - Immunity from liability for injury or damage caused by service animals and service-animals-in-training. PDF RTF