Iowa Code - 2022

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Chapter 203C - WAREHOUSES FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§203C.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§203C.2 - Duties and powers of the department — operator recordkeeping. PDF RTF
§203C.3 - Appointment of department as receiver. PDF RTF
§203C.4 - Powers and duties of receiver. PDF RTF
§203C.5 - Rules — documents and forms. PDF RTF
§203C.6 - Issuance of license and financial responsibility. PDF RTF
§203C.7 - Application for the issuance or renewal of a license. PDF RTF
§203C.8 - License to specify type and quantity of products which may be stored. PDF RTF
§203C.9 - Amendment of license. PDF RTF
§203C.10 - Action affecting a license. PDF RTF
§203C.11 - Suspension or revocation for insufficient evidence of financial responsibility — notice. PDF RTF
§203C.12 - Participation in fund required. PDF RTF
§203C.12A - Lien on warehouse operator assets. PDF RTF
§203C.13 - Form and amount of evidence of financial responsibility. PDF RTF
§203C.14 - Suit — claims — notice of revocation. PDF RTF
§203C.15 - Insurance required — exception. PDF RTF
§203C.16 - License required for the storage of bulk grain. PDF RTF
§203C.17 - Receiving bulk grain at licensed and unlicensed warehouses. PDF RTF
§203C.18 - Warehouse receipts — issuance, printing, and electronic filing. PDF RTF
§203C.19 - Rights and obligations with respect to warehouse receipts — lost receipts. PDF RTF
§203C.20 - Receipt by warehouse operator to self. PDF RTF
§203C.21 PDF RTF
§203C.22 PDF RTF
§203C.23 - Warehouse operator’s obligation. PDF RTF
§203C.24 - Confidentiality of records. PDF RTF
§203C.25 - Shrinkage adjustments — disclosures — penalties. PDF RTF
§203C.26 PDF RTF
§203C.27 - Discrimination. PDF RTF
§203C.28 - Tariff rates. PDF RTF
§203C.29 PDF RTF
§203C.30 - Inspecting and grading. PDF RTF
§203C.31 PDF RTF
§203C.32 PDF RTF
§203C.33 - Fees. PDF RTF
§203C.34 - Display of license. PDF RTF
§203C.35 - Licensed warehouse operator to keep records. PDF RTF
§203C.36 - Penalties — injunction. PDF RTF
§203C.36A - Civil penalties. PDF RTF
§203C.37 - Issuance of a license and payment of fees. PDF RTF
§203C.38 - No obligation of state. PDF RTF
§203C.39 - Grain stored in another warehouse. PDF RTF
§203C.40 - Prioritization of inspections of warehouse operators. PDF RTF